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Our Success

Trendler succeeds through a commitment to family values and pride in craftsmanship.

Lattice Back wooden chairs in a restaurant.

Consistently meeting customers’ needs while striving to exceed expectations made us a world leader in component design. Trendler is now trusted around the world for high-quality swivels, chairs, and barstools built to our customers’ needs.

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At Trendler, we have long taken pride in offering our customers high-quality, American made furniture products that are manufactured in our Chicago, IL factory. When the Gfesser family took over Trendler, their goal was to continue to manufacture our own products as they consider themselves manufacturers by nature. They also wanted to keep the manufacturing process in Chicago, the city in which they were born and raised.

What is stronger: steel furniture or wood furniture? While many believe steel to be the superior choice, we at Trendler dispel this misconception. Before we justify that, let’s take a closer look at the properties of wood furniture and metal furniture, and then we can explain why we say wood is just as strong and durable as steel.

Since 1932, Trendler has been committed to providing high quality chairs, barstools, and swivels for a wide range of applications while delivering outstanding customer service. We have always made it our mission to continuously improve our manufacturing process by incorporating new methods and technology so we can stay at the cutting edge of the industry and produce the best possible furniture products. This not only benefits our business by helping us grow, but also our customers as they can expect a dependable, long-lasting product when they work with Trendler.

At Trendler, Inc., we take pride in producing high quality furniture including chairs, barstools, and furniture swivels for residential and commercial use. Every finished furniture product and the parts for our furniture, including the frames and swivels, are fabricated, and built by us in our factory in Chicago, IL.

Barstools have been a common fixture in bars and restaurants for centuries as they can be traced back to medieval times. Within American culture, they are a staple of soda fountains and lunch counters and are still in heavy use in today’s bars and restaurants.

Commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, and banquet halls need dependable seating. When it comes to choosing the right chairs and barstools, businesses should find an option that not only serves the purpose, but also adds to the comfort and aesthetic of the space. The best way to enhance the aesthetic and increase the comfort of an office or other commercial space is to choose upholstered furniture.

Trendler offers our wide range of Trendler brand chairs and barstools to businesses,organizations, schools, OEMs, wholesalers, retailers, and private buyers.

Trendler and Tim O’Neil and Associates Join Together For A Strategic Partnership.

Banquet halls and conference centers that host events for large groups of attendees need a versatile and dependable seating solution. The staff for these types of events must be able to store, move, and arrange banquet chairs and tables according to the type of event and number of expected attendees. It is beneficial for banquet halls to have furniture that can withstand repeated use over multiple events and be easily transported and stored.

Whether you operate a vintage style diner or restaurant or want to create a vintage look in your own home, check out our retro barstools.

We look forward to partnering with you to create custom-made barstools or chairs that incorporate your organizations branding!

If I could describe myself in three words, I would consider myself to be reliable, honest, and approachable!

The following is a list of our top ten kitchen counters tools for your kitchen in 2022. If you want more information about any of these kitchen stools or other products that we offer, you can reach out to our team at (773) 284-6600.

Martin Gfesser has been with Trendler for nearly three decades and currently serves as the President. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, golfing, and spending time with his family.

Juan Perez was born and raised in a small town of La Chona in Jalisco, Mexico. He came to the USA when he was 19 years old to build a better life for himself. He enjoyed studying chemistry and science in high school, but could not afford college, so he left Mexico. After arriving in Chicago, he received a call from a friend about opening at Trendler and has never looked back.

Born and raised in Chicago "Little Village” on the South Side of the city, Charlie Gradilla is a proud father of three children and holds an Associate Degree in Applied Science. Charlie previously worked for Motorola for ten years before being hired by Trendler. Charlie’s coworkers describe him as easy to work with, open-minded, honest, and to the point.

Trendler is pleased to announce our investment in BIFMA testing equipment.

Employees are a critical part of who Trendler is as a company. Our team represent our values and brand. Get to know some of the individuals who help carry on Trendler's tradition of innovation, quality, and service every day.

Trendler is excited to announce our chairs and swivel barstools will be listed and available to quote through AutoQuotes!

Born and raised in Chicago, Stefan Gfesser has always had a passion for new business development, marketing strategy, and sales management. After graduating from St. Leo’s College in 1977, he began his career working and managing three specialty furniture stores in the Chicago suburbs. In 1985, Stefan was hired as Trendler’s National Sales Manager, bringing his eight years of experience to the company as it began global sourcing and expanding its influence on the world demand for U.S.-made furniture components.

Since 1932, Trendler has designed, manufactured and distributed dependable swivels and barstool seating products that furnish everyday living interiors.

Trendler’s retro chairs and barstools are manufactured in the USA and feature the same quality you'd expect to find in the 1950s.

As you look inside our catalog, you will find a wide variety of swivel sizes for numerous applications, including Residential, Commercial, Casino, and Marine

With the flexibility and accessibility of Trendler being local, we are able to order what we need for orders, when we need it.

Without sacrificing style, Trendler’s commercial highchairs are cost effective, durable and made in the USA.

These tariffs have had a direct and indirect impact on the American consumer. From furniture manufacturers to wholesale retailers, companies including Trendler are working relentlessly to implement various business strategies.

Trendler continues their commitment to exceed customer expectations by manufacturing chairs and barstools of the highest quality. Trendler is pleased to announce three new collections to add to their growing Trendler brand seating. The Isiah chair, the Café chair and barstool, and the Windella chair are all proudly manufactured at Trendler’s facility and priced for a remarkable value.

As an industry leader, Trendler has been committed to sustainable work environments and business practices for over 50 years.

Consistently striving to meet and exceed customers’ expectations has made us a world leader in manufacturing chairs and barstools of the highest quality. We’ve helped thousands of restaurants and bars across the country promote their brand with quality, front-of-store seating by creating a welcoming, comfortable environment with our collection of commercial restaurant furniture.

Trendler is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with The Hode Group, a leading manufacturer representative company located in Chicago, Illinois. The Hode Group has over 30 years of experience representing companies that produce top branded product lines in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Born and raised in Chicago, Geniene has always had a passion for customers. She began her career at Trendler as a Customer Service Representative, 17 years ago. Read how she has played a critical role in contributing to Trendler’s success.

Why Wholesalers Are Partnering with Trendler

From manufacturing shop floor to the front office, Trendler employees, including its new product committee, remain focused on their commitment to new product development.

Employees are a critical part of who Trendler is as a company. Our team represents our values and brand. Get to know some of the individuals who help carry on Trendler’s tradition of innovation, quality and service every day.

What sets Trendler apart?

Generations of Experience

Our team’s wide-ranging knowledge and decades of expertise enables us to create furniture that our customers can feel confident investing in.

Highest Quality and Most Dependable Products

Trendler provides everything from original equipment manufactured parts to finished seating to deliver a wide range of design features for specific applications.

Industry Leading Delivery Times

Trendler understands how to navigate through today’s complex manufacturing challenges. We provide customers with a full quote including freight, quickly manufacture products of the highest quality and ship orders on time, setting us apart from the rest of the industry.

Commitment to Sustainability

We work to make a positive contribution to society through our focus on environment, our people, responsible business practices, community investment, and strengthening the next generation of global citizens.

Today, the dependability of products manufactured in Trendler’s Chicago plant are assured by total quality management procedures with our on site American National Standards Institute/ Business and Institutional Furniture Manufactures Association testing facilities. We focus on providing our customers with high-quality, "value-added", globally competitive products and service to facilitate continuous improvement projects.