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Trendler’s Retro Series: A Nostalgic Design

Trendler’s retro chairs and barstools are manufactured in the USA and feature the same quality you'd expect to find in the 1950s.

Restaurant interior design has evolved immensely over the last 50 years. From the 1950's classic diners to the modern and sleek restaurants of the 2000s, each era features furniture trends that change from decade to decade. In this blog post, we examine our Retro line of chairs and barstools, which feature a classic 1950’s furniture design.

Comprised of over 20 chairs, barstools, and counter stools, Trendler’s Retro Series products are manufactured to meet the same quality standards one would expect to find in the 1950s. The series brings together our high-quality, one-of-a-kind swivel technology with our heavy-duty metal frame for rock-solid support. Built to withstand heavy use, customers never have to worry about these chairs, barstools, or counter stools falling apart or only lasting a couple of years.

As with many of our metal chairs and barstools, the Retro series is customizable. Customers can choose from various metal frame finishes Chrome, Nickel, Bronze, Pewter, or Santex Black. All our retro series products can be upholstered in unique and charming colors and patterns that complete your desired 1950s look.

Retro Series X2R Chair, X1R Barstool and                       X41 Barstool
  • X2R Chair – 117 Back
  • X1R Barstool – Seat Ring
  • X41 Barstool – Bucket Seat

Retro Series catalog with additional product details.

Quality You Can Count On

Our team of experienced and professional craftsmen uses innovative manufacturing resource planning techniques to produce the highest quality and most dependable swivels, chairs, and barstools for our customers. As an industry leader, we are committed to sustainable work environments and business practices.

Want to know more about our Retro Series? Give us a call today at 773.581.8598.