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Upholstered Chairs from Trendler

Since 1932, Trendler has been known as a manufacturer of quality furniture parts and components. When we saw a demand for American made furniture in the 1980s to compete with imports and wholesalers, we began to manufacture complete furniture pieces including wooden furniture, metal furniture, and upholstered furniture. In 2015, we launched the Trendler brand of finished furniture products available to consumers, OEMs, and businesses with wholesale options available.

At Trendler, we offer a variety of upholstered chairs including upholstered swivel chairs and upholstered bar chairs that are handmade from quality materials. Our selection of upholstered chairs includes many styles of metal and wood framed chairs with options for upholstered seats and backs. Our upholstery chair models can suit many residential and commercial applications including bars, restaurants, conference and banquet halls, hotels, and more.

High-Quality Upholstered Chairs

Our upholstered chairs are handmade in our Chicago, IL factory using high quality metal, wood, and upholstery materials. We have fully upholstered chairs and retro style upholstered chairs available in many different styles, including optionsfor swivel and motion seating. Our wooden and metal chairs also have the option of upholstered seats and backs.  

Each of our upholstered chairs feature high quality premier and contract vinyl upholstery that comes in many different colors. Our premier vinyl upholstery is designed to withstand heavy use and it is easy to clean and resistant to many types of bacteria which makes it ideal for a range of commercial settings. You can also choose from among our wood stains and powder coating metal finishes for the furniture frames.

We offer upholstery chairs in a range of materials, colors, and styles that are ideal for many residential and commercial applications.  

You can expect the following when you work with Trendler:

  • Huge selection of upholstered chair styles
  • Many upholstery fabric and color options
  • Metal powder coating finishes including a stunning chrome
  • A variety of beautiful wood finishes
  • Available with motion swivels made by Trendler
  • Short delivery lead times

For more information about our upholstered chair models or wholesale options and estimates, call our team at Trendler at (773) 284-6600.

Upholstered Chair Lines from Trendler

We offer a wide range of upholstered chairs, upholstered swivel chairs, and custom upholstered chairs from the following Trendler brand furniture lines:

Upholstery Series

Our upholstery series chairs feature fully upholstered seats and backs with frames made from high-quality wood. There are several styles of upholstered chairs available in this line including the Santos, Sofia, Jacob, Bradley, and others. You can choose from our available wood finishes for each style of upholstered chair as well as from our 80 available colors of vinyl upholstery.

Banquet & Conference Chairs

Our line of banquet and conference chairs includes a variety of aluminum and metal framed chairs that are ideal for conference rooms, banquet halls, and other commercial settings. Our special aluminum framed chairs come in several styles including square dome, oval dome, round, and rectangle back models and we also offer models of metal framed conference chairs made with a special aluminum that can be stacked for easy storage.

All of the upholstered chairs in our banquet and conference line include upholstered back and seat cushions. You can choose from our many colors of vinyl upholstery as well as from more than two dozen different types of upholstery fabric. You can also choose any of our powder coating finishes for the metal frames.

Retro Series

Our retro series consists of several different retro style chairs with fully upholstered seats and backs. There are several leg style options available in our retro line including KD5, L41, X41, Retro, X2R, tulip bases, and diner post bases, and many of these styles can include our high quality chair swivels.  

The chair options of our retro line include bucket seat, round seat, and metal ladder or jailhouse chair back options and you can choose from our available premier vinyl upholstery colors. You can also choose from our range of powder coating finish options for the metal frames, including a beautiful chrome finish.

Wood, Metal, Karaoke, and Americana Series

Our series of wood, metal, Karaoke wood, and Americana chairs consist mainly of metal chairs, wood chairs, and models with metal frames and wood parts. In each of these lines of chairs, many of the available models have the option of an upholstered back or seat cushion. With each of these models, you have your choice of our available vinyl upholstery colors.

Contact Trendler

We offer many different styles of upholstered chairs to suit a range of applications with a large amount of color options to choose from for the upholstery fabric.  

For more information about our upholstery chair options or get an estimate or learn about our wholesale options, call Trendler at (773) 284-6600, submit a contact form, or visit our online store.