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Wholesale Barstools from Trendler

Trendler wholesale barstools

Trendler has been an industry leading provider of high-quality furniture and furniture parts since our founding in 1932. For years, we supplied OEMs and wholesale manufacturers with metal and wood furniture parts, and we began making completed furniture products for these customers in the 1980s. We now offer over 1,000 different models of Trendler brand chairs and barstools that are available for wholesale purchase. Our wholesale barstools are made from the best materials in our factory in Chicago, IL and we offer our products at a competitive price.

We can produce wholesale barstools for a variety of commercial applications, such as:

  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • Hotel lounges, lobbies, and casinos
  • Banquets and conferences
  • Academia, government, and cafeteria

When you work with Trendler to get wholesale barstools, you can expect the following:

  • Product availability: You have many options of barstool models to choose from that feature various materials, seat and back styles, upholstery, swivels, wood and metal finish options, and more.
  • Increase profit margins: We allow our wholesale partners to offer made to order Trendler products at a great price which helps increase profit margins by reducing inventory.
  • Industry-leading delivery times: Wholesale barstool products can be manufactured quickly, and our on-time delivery sets us apart from our competition.
  • Generations of expertise: With more than 80 years in business, we have the expertise to manufacture high-quality barstools and furniture products using best-in-class equipment.  Wholesalers who work with us do not have to invest more in their workforce or new equipment.

Wholesale Barstool Options

When you come to Trendler for wholesale barstools, you have many options available from our 1,000 plus models of barstools at wholesale pricing. You can choose from our lines of wooden barstools, metal barstools, upholstered barstools, retro style barstools, swivel barstools, and more. You can also order custom barstools wholesale in which you can choose from our options of materials, upholstery, styles, swivels, wood stains, and metal powder coating finishes. If you need restaurant barstools wholesale or barstools for any commercial setting, Trendler is here for you.

We offer the following types of wholesale barstools:

  1. Wooden barstools: You can choose from the wood barstool models of our wood seating, Karaoke wood motion seating, and Americana series lines of furniture. There are back and backless barstool models available in various seat and back styles with options for metal frames, upholstered seats and backs, and swivels. We offer several wood finishes for these products including cherry, natural, mahogany, and walnut among others.
  2. Metal barstools: We offer a variety of metal barstool models from our metal seating, retro series, and Americana series lines of furniture. There are back and backless metal barstool models, including retro styles, with many options for seat and back styles, wood frames, upholstered seats and backs, and swivels. There are over two dozen metal powder coating options for our metal barstools including stainless steel, chrome, anodized nickel, bronze, and more.
  3. Upholstered barstools: Our upholstery series and retro series lines of furniture include back and backless styles with options for upholstered seats and backs. We have more than 80 different colors available for our premier and contract vinyl.
  4. Swivel barstools: As a leading manufacturer of swivels, we offer several models of barstools fitted with our high-quality swivels. Our heavy-duty swivels feature smooth, quiet motion for a full 180-degree rotation. Our swivels also have the option of a 90-degree stop and auto return feature which automatically moves the stool back to its original position.
  5. Custom barstools: With our wholesale custom barstools, you can choose from our available options for materials, seat and back styles, upholstery, swivel options, wood stains, and metal finishes to create a unique product. We can further customize your barstools by etching your logo onto a metal or wooden backing.

Barstool Catalogs

Contact Trendler for Wholesale Barstools

Trendler proudly works with businesses and wholesale partners to offer wholesale barstools suited for many different commercial settings.  

You can call us at (773) 284-6600, submit a contact form, or visit our online store to get more information about our wholesale barstool options and pricing.