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Chair Swivels and Replacement Parts by Trendler

Chair swivels

A cheaply made chair swivel will have a short life span and a tendency to bend, sway, and become noisy. These types of chair swivel plates are often imported from outside of the U.S. and don’t live up to the standards of American metal craftsmanship.

Since 1932, Trendler has manufactured industrial quality swivel plates for a variety of chair applications. We believe swivel plates and other replacement parts for chairs should be heavy duty and built for longevity. The Trendler factory is located in Chicago, IL where are our expert metal craftsmen make industrial grade swivel plates and other chair replacement parts that fit a variety of swivel chair applications.

The swivel mechanisms and replacement chair hardware made by Trendler are the perfect choice for businesses seeking new swivel plates for existing furniture in commercial spaces such as restaurants and cafes, or consumers working on DIY projects at home that involve swivel chair construction or repair.

High Quality Chair Swivel Plates

Trendler chair swivels are made in a variety of bolt patterns and dimensions. They are easily attached to any ring base where the chair is then secured to the top of the swivel plate.

The swivel mechanism itself is a high performing 180 degree rotation complete with auto return functionality. This sends the swivel to back to its original position in a smooth and whisper quiet motion.

These chair swivel plates are made from quality steel and feature a powder coating treatment that not only lengthens the service life of the swivel mechanism, but protects the hardware from weather, moisture, and rust. This is especially important for chair swivels plates used on boats, or other marine environments.

Chair swivel plates made by Trendler can be applied to:

  • Sofa chairs and recliners
  • Swivel lounge chairs
  • Retro motionseating
  • Swivelbarstools
  • Dining, diner, and café motion seating
  • Outdoor swivel chairs and boat seats

Types of Chair Swivel Plates

Trendler manufactures chair swivel plates in a variety of dimensions and patterns.

You can call us at (773) 284-6600 to speak with our swivel doctor, who can advise on what type of chair swivel best fits your needs.

  1. Economy 6” and standard 7” Chair Swivels: These chair swivels feature square plates with flat or pitched tilt angles, and accept all ball bearing sizes.
  2. Chairs Swivels with Return Mechanisms: The return mechanism features a 90 degree stop point where the swivel can then auto return smoothly to its original position.
  3. 4CD Chair Swivels: These swivel plates attach directly to the legs of the chair instead of a separate base.
  4. 11” Big Turn Swivels for Large Chairs: These 11” swivel plates are ideal for large sofa chairs and recliners.

Swivel Chairs by Trendler

As a trusted manufacturer of swivel plates for chairs and barstools since 1932, the craftsman at Trendler are experts at swivel chair construction and offer premium swivel chairs in upholstered, metal, wood, and both modern and retro designs.

Our swivel chair furniture comes in a variety of styles, including custom swivel chair options for those looking to select a any combination of chair backs, materials, and designs.

Contact Trendler

Chair swivel plates manufactured by Trendler are well built, easy to install, and fit a variety of applications.

You can visit our online store, contact Trendler at (773) 284-6600, or use our contact form to speak with our swivel doctor and learn more about swivel plates and chair replacement parts that are made to order, wholesale options, and more.