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Academia and Government Seating from Trendler

Trendler Academia and Government Seating

At Trendler, we offer a wide variety of high-quality chairs that can be used in a range of commercial settings, including government buildings and academic institutions. In both settings, reliable seating is needed for waiting rooms, classrooms, and cafeterias. Our selection of more than 1,000 chair models includes chairs that are suitable for these settings and durable enough to ensure years of use. When you work with Trendler to supply chairs for academic and government buildings, you can expect a reliable product made in our Chicago, IL factory.

Trendler provides many different models of metal and wooden chairs that can suit several applications in academic and government buildings including cafeterias, classrooms, and waiting rooms. You can work with us to find a chair model we offer that is ideal for cafeteria seating, classroom seating, and other common areas and fits the aesthetic of the building. For school buildings, we can make custom chairs that incorporate school branding including colors and logos.

Seating for Academic and Government Buildings

At Trendler, we have a variety of wood and metal chair models available that are suitable for cafeterias, classrooms, and common areas in academic and government buildings. Our lines of wood and metal chairs consist of many different styles with options for upholstery seats and backs, wood stains, and metal powder coating finishes. We can also create fully custom chairs for schools and government buildings that fit well with the aesthetic.

The chairs we provide are reliable and durable to withstand the use they would experience in an academic or government building.

The following lines of Trendler brand furniture can suit the needs of these settings:

Wood Seating

Our wood seating line includes a wide variety of wood chair models that can be used in classrooms, cafeterias, and waiting rooms. There are many models in this line to choose from including jailhouse, school house, ladder back, lattice back, solid back, sled, café, and 809 styles that would make great classroom or cafeteria seating. You have a choice of upholstered seats and backs with many of these models as well as a choice of our available wood stains including mahogany, cherry, natural, and walnut among others.

Metal Seating

Our metal seating line consists of many different metal chair styles that are suitable as cafeteria chairs, waiting room chairs, and classroom chairs. The metal chair models that are most suitable for academic and government buildings include open back, walker, 809, shell, cosmos, Portland, Garland, hazel, and Terrace & Barrel. Several of these models come with wooden backs and seats on metal frames and some may have the option of an upholstered seat or back. For all of our metal seating models, you can choose from our wood stains for wooden seats and backs as well as our available metal powder coating finishes such as chrome, bronze, stainless steel, anodized nickel, pewter, and more.

Custom Chairs

Our professionals can create custom chairs that meet your specifications when it comes to materials, styles, upholstery options, metal powder coating finishes, and wood stains. For school buildings, we can incorporate school colors into the design of the chair and etch the school logo onto wood and metal chair backs.

Contact Trendler

If you need seating for academic or government buildings, Trendler can provide high-quality chairs that can suit your application.

To learn more about our available products or wholesale options, call Trendler at (773) 284-6600, submit a contact form, or visit our online store.