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Swivel Chairs from Trendler

Trendler produced our first swivels when Anton Gfesser Sr. was approached by Douglas Furniture to design and build swivels that can be used for their furniture products. Since then, we have become a leading provider of swivels for chairs and barstools, producing around 500 different swivel models and selling more than 100 million units since 1962. We not only manufacture and provide swivels on their own to our customers, we also offer swivel chairs in our Trendler brand line of furniture that come with our swivels.

At Trendler, we provide a wide range of swivel chairs, including outdoor swivel chairs, swivel dining chairs, upholstered swivel chairs, swivel bar chairs, and wooden swivel chairs that feature our high-quality swivel products. Our swivel chairs and the swivels that go onto these chairs are made in our Chicago, IL factory.

High-Quality Swivel Chairs

Our swivels come in a variety of models, including swivel models that can turn chairs into motion chairs with their 180 degree turn function. All of our swivel chair models turn smoothly and quietly and many of our swivels have an auto return feature in which the seat will rotate back to its original position. The swivels featured on our motion chairs consist of plates made from high quality metal with ball bearings between the plates that allow for fluid, quiet motion. They are also protected with a powder coating.

Our swivel chairs are made from high quality materials, and they are built to last.  

You can expect the following when you come to Trendler for swivel chairs:

  • Large selection of swivel chair styles made from high quality materials
  • Many style options for chair backs, seats, and upholstery
  • Several metal powder coating finishes including a stunning chrome option
  • A variety of beautiful wood finishes to select from
  • Short delivery lead times

To learn more about our wide variety of swivel chairs as well as pricing and wholesale options, call our professionals at Trendler at (773) 284-6600.

Swivel Chair Lines from Trendler

We offer a wide variety of swivel chairs from our Trendler brand lines of furniture including wooden swivel chairs, upholstered swivel chairs, retro style swivel chairs, metal swivel chairs and more.

Metal Seating

Our line of metal seating includes a wide range of metal chair styles and many of our metal chair styles have a motion model that includes a swivel. Our main models of metal seating, including our ladder back, jailhouse back, cross back, lattice back, mesh back, solid back, and more come with the option of a swivel.  

Our metal swivel chairs also have the option of wood seats or backs and you can choose from our complete selection of metal powder coating finishes as well as our beautiful chrome options or wood stain finishes.

Karaoke Wood Motion Seating

Our line of Karaoke Wood Motion Seating includes several styles of metal and wood chairs fitted with our swivels. We offer a range of styles in our Karaoke line including ladder back, lattice back, jailhouse back, slot back, and cross back that are each available in Motion 24” and Motion 30” counter height swivel chair models.

Each of our models in the Karaoke line features metal frames with options for wood seats and backs as well as upholstered seats. You can choose from our metal powder coating, wood stain, and vinyl upholstery color options.

Americana Series

Our Americana Series includes a variety of metal and wood cluster top chair styles available in Motion 24” and Motion 30” models. Our Motion models include our quality swivels and are available in ladder back, lattice back, jailhouse back, Stefano, and bucket back styles. Each Americana series model has the option of wood or upholstered seating, and you can choose from any of our available wood stains, powder coating finishes, and upholstery colors.

Retro Series

Our retro series includes retro style metal chairs with upholstered seats and backs and many of our retro models have the option of a swivel. Our retro swivel models include the KD5, L41, Retro, X1R, Tulip Base, and Diner Post models with options for bucket seats, round seats, and metal back styles. You can choose from any of our options for upholstery colors and powder coating finishes, including our popular chrome options for retro style seating.

Contact Trendler

At Trendler, we are known for our high-quality chair swivels, and we offer a wide range of swivel chairs including swivel dining chairs, upholstered swivel chairs, swivel bar chairs, wooden swivel chairs, and more.  

You can learn more about our swivel chair options as well as get estimates for individual and wholesale pricing by visiting our online store, calling Trendler at (773) 284-6600, or by submitting a contact form.