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Swivel Boat Seats from Trendler

Trendler Boat Seat Swivels

Boats are common recreational vehicles as people use their boats to fish, host friends, or spend some time relaxing offshore. It is important for boats to be built to withstand outdoor and marine conditions as the constant exposure to water can lead to things like rust and water damage. This includes making sure that boat seat swivel mounts and bases are functional and durable in marine conditions.

Trendler is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of swivels, and we provide boat seat swivels and mounts to suit any marine application. We design and manufacture high-quality boat seat swivel mounts, bases, and pedestals in our factory located in Chicago, IL. Our heavy-duty boat swivels are built to last, and they are treated to withstand outdoor and marine conditions.

If the seat on your boat has a swivel that is no longer functioning like it should, we can provide a quality replacement boat swivel that suits your application.

High Quality Boat Swivels

Trendler boat seat swivel mounts and bases come in several different designs with a few different options for pedestals. You can choose from boat seat swivel pedestals that are 7” or 13” in height as well as our adjustable base option.

The mechanism for our boat swivels allows the swivel to rotate 180 degrees quietly and smoothly and it will automatically return to its original position. Each boat seat swivel we offer features 12 ball bearings that ensure smooth rotation.

Our boat seat swivel mounts, bases, and pedestals are treated with a black powder coating that is moisture resistant. This provides protection for the boat swivels that makes them suitable for outdoor and marine use. You can count on our boat seat swivels to endure marine conditions and last for a long time.

Type of Boat Swivels

Trendler provides a range of boat swivels and accessories, and we can provide a boat seat swivel mount and base to work on any type of boat.  

Our boat swivel products include the following:

  1. 6” and 7” boat seat swivel mounts
  2. 4WL boat swivel with 90 degree stop
  3. 7” and 13” economy boat seat swivel pedestal bases
  4. Adjustable boat seat swivel pedestal bases

Contact Trendler for Boat Seat Swivel Options

The boat seat swivel parts and accessories from Trendler can be used for seats on any type of boat, whether you need a swivel plate or boat seat swivel pedestal. Our boat swivels and parts are built to last in marine environments.

You can learn more about our boat seat swivel options, wholesale options, and estimates by visiting our online store, calling Trendler at (773) 284-6600, or by submitting a contact form.