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Swivels by Trendler

Trendler Chicago swivels

Since 1932, Trendler has been a leading swivel manufacturer, designing and producing 500 different models of trouble and maintenance free swivels with more than 100 million units sold. We offer heavy-duty swivels and swivel replacements for barstools, chairs, and boat seats used in residential, commercial, and marine environments.

We have been designing and producing swivel plates for a variety of applications since our founder Anton Gfesser Sr. was commissioned by Douglas Furniture to produce a quality swivel for their products. By the mid-1980s, Trendler had become one of the world’s largest producers of chair swivels, barstool swivels, boat swivels, and swivel plates and parts for other applications. We are still known for producing high-quality, durable swivels and swivel replacements.

Innovative Swivel Design

At Trendler, we can design and produce swivels for any furniture application. Our swivels are highly durable as they are made from heavy-duty steel and treated with a powder coating that protects the steel from rust and moisture. Our swivel plates are full bearing plates that allow for smooth, noiseless rotation with auto return functionality. Many of our swivels allow for 180-degree rotation with a 90 degree stop and return feature that puts the barstool or chairback in its original position.

The following are the main types of swivels that we provide:

  1. Economy 6” swivels: These square 6” swivel plates are available in a flat or 3-degree pitch and come in options that include 12 or 45 ball bearings.
  2. 7” swivels: These swivels are our standard line with square plates that are available in flat, 3 degree, and 5 degree pitches with 12 or 51 ball bearings.
  3. Return swivels: Our return swivels have a 90 degree stop and auto return mechanism that brings the chair or barstool back to its original position. They are available with a 3-degree pitch and 12 or 51 ball bearings.
  4. 7” heavy duty casino swivels: Our 7” heavy-duty casino swivels have a 90 degree stop and a 3 degree pitch. They are available with 32 or 51 ball bearings and these swivels can be painted black.
  5. 4CD swivels: Our 4CD swivels are designed to attach directly to the legs of a chair or barstool instead of a separate base. These swivel plates are made from 12-gaugesteel and are available in flat, 3 degree, and 5 degree pitch with 12 or 51 ball bearings.
  6. 11” big turn swivels: Our 11” big turn swivel plates can be used to improve the swivel function for large sofa chairs and recliners.
  7. Boat swivels and accessories: We design and produce boat swivels for boat seats that can endure conditions for marine and outdoor use. Our boat swivels are available with 7”, 13”, or adjustable pedestal base plates. Each of these products has a moisture resistant black finish.
  8. Barstool rings: We produce custom round and square barstool rings that go around the legs. We make custom round rings with an outside diameter between 13” and 30” and our custom square rings are made with outside diameters between 14” and 30”. All of our barstool rings are available in a chrome or brass finish.
  9. Table plates: Our square table plates provide stable support for high top tables. We offer 7” by 7” 12-gauge steel square table plates that can support table tops up to 36” wide and 11” by 11” 9-gauge steel square table plates that can support table tops up to 48” wide.

We provide swivel plates and mechanisms for the following applications:

  1. Chair swivels: metal chairs, wooden chairs, boat seats, recliners, retro chairs, restaurant seating, etc.
  2. Barstool swivels: backless barstools, wooden barstools, metal barstools, upholstered barstools
  3. Boat swivels: boat seat swivel mounts, pedestal swivel bases

Contact Trendler

Chair swivel plates manufactured by Trendler are well built, easy to install, and fit a variety of applications.

You can visit our online store, contact Trendler at (773) 284-6600, or use our contact form to speak with our swivel doctor and learn more about swivel plates and chair replacement parts that are made to order, wholesale options, and more.