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Shop our collection of over 1,000 models of chairs, barstools, swivels and furniture parts that are reliable, durable, and priced for remarkable value.

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At Trendler, we offer more than 1,000 models of chairs, barstools, swivels and swivel plates, and furniture parts including chair and barstool replacement parts that are reliable, durable, and priced for remarkable value. We have been manufacturing quality furniture, swivels, and replacement parts that have been trusted all over the world since 1932.

You can shop our extensive collection of the following types of furniture, components, and replacement parts:


Trendler is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of swivels for chairs, barstools, boat seats, and more. Anton Gfesser Sr. made our first swivels for Douglas Furniture and by1985, we were one of the largest swivel manufacturers in the world, offering up to 500 models of swivels. The swivels we design and manufacture are made from heavy duty steel and they have a powder coating treatment that protects from moisture and rust. Our swivels provide smooth and quiet 180-degree rotation with auto return functionality that brings the chair or stool back to its original position.

We offer a wide variety of swivel mechanisms and designs to suit the following applications:

  1. Chair swivels: We design and manufacture chair swivels for retro metal and wood swivel chairs, boat seats, recliners, and seating for cafes and restaurants. Our swivel plates come in a variety of dimensions and patterns to suit a range of applications and furniture styles.
  2. Barstool swivels and parts: Bars are social environments and rotating barstools allow people to easily turn and face each other in conversation. We offer swivel plates and mechanisms for many different barstool styles including our 6” and 7” swivels as well as our return swivels and heavy-duty casino swivels that feature a 90 degree stop and return. We can also provide swivel barstool replacement parts.
  3. Boat swivels and parts: Boat seats need to be durable because they are used in difficult outdoor and marine environments. Our line of boat seat swivels is designed specifically for outdoor and marine use with a moisture resistant black finish. You can choose boat seat swivels mounts with 7”, 13”, or adjustable pedestal bases.


Trendler began manufacturing finished chairs and barstools to compete with importers and wholesalers and to provide our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers with American made chairs built from the high-quality parts we had supplied them with for years. The chairs we made for our OEM customers were private labeled and in 2015, we launched the Trendler brand for our finished chairs and other furniture products.

Our complete line of finished chairs includes wood and metal chairs, upholstered chairs, and chairs with and without swivels. We offer a wide variety of chair styles for different commercial settings, and we can work with customers to create custom seating.  

We offer the following types finished chairs:

  1. Wooden chairs: We produce wooden chairs in many different styles with options for upholstery, cushions, swivels, and back styles. Several of our wooden chair models also have an option for a cushion or upholstery.
  2. Metal chairs: We offer metal chairs and stools in various styles and colors. Some of our metal chairs also have the option for a cushion.
  3. Upholstered chairs: We offer chairs with upholstered seats and backs in several different styles.
  4. Swivel chairs: Many of our chairs come already fitted with our heavy-duty swivels.
  5. Custom chairs: We can work with our customers to create custom chairs with a variety of options for styles, materials, seats, back designs, cushions, upholstery, and swivels.


Barstools are found in bars, restaurants, and cafes throughout the world. For years, Trendler designed and manufactured barstool parts and swivels for our OEM customers and we began producing and offering finished barstools at the same time we started producing finished chairs. We now offer Trendler brand finished barstools in several different styles and materials.

Our line of finished barstools includes wooden and metal barstools, upholstered barstools, swivel barstools, and barstools with and without backs. We can also work with customers to create custom barstools.

We offer the following types of finished barstools:

  1. Wooden barstools: We produce wooden barstools in many different styles including barstools with and without backs, barstools with cushioned seats, and barstools with swivels.
  2. Metal barstools: Our metal barstools are available in several styles with and without backs and some have the option of a cushioned seat and swivel.
  3. Upholstered barstools: We offer metal and wooden barstools with upholstered seat cushions and backs. You can choose from several different colors for the upholstery.
  4. Swivel barstools: We offer several of our barstool styles, including back and backless barstools that feature our heavy-duty barstool swivels.
  5. Custom barstools: We can work directly with our customers to create custom barstools with a variety of options available for styles, materials, cushions, upholstery, and swivels.

Wholesale Barstools and Chairs

At Trendler, we have been successful in the wholesale market supplying OEM customers and various businesses with our wholesale barstools and chairs. We can offer our high-quality chairs and barstools at wholesale pricing for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, educational institutions, and more. Our wholesale customers can choose from our range of available Trendler brand finished barstools and chairs or custom design their products with many options available for materials, styles, cushions, upholstery, backing, swivels, and more.

Our professionals can manufacture custom chairs and barstools that incorporate your colors and branding, and we even provide custom logo burning to put your logo on the backs of metal and wooden chairs and barstools.

Furniture Parts

At Trendler, we made a name for ourselves by manufacturing quality furniture components and parts. We continue to manufacture high-quality barstool and chair replacement parts including frames, seats, backs, swivels, marine pedestals, barstool rings, and seat pans.

Shop Trendler Swivels, Barstools, and Chairs

To learn more about our swivels, barstools, and chairs, or our wholesale options, give Trendler a call at (773) 284-6600 or submit a contact form.

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