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Barstool Swivels and Parts by Trendler

Trendler Barstools Swivels

Bars and restaurants are social environments. People go to bars to unwind, spend time with friends, and see a show. These establishments can help enhance the experience of their patrons with barstools that swivel.

Since 1932, Trendler has been a leading provider of barstool swivels and swivel replacement parts. We design and produce heavy-duty barstool swivel mechanisms and replacement parts for a variety of barstool types and styles. Our barstool swivel plates and parts are manufactured in our Chicago factory, and they are built to be long lasting.

Our barstool swivel mechanisms and replacement parts are ideal for bars and restaurants that need to replace the swivels on their existing barstools or for consumers who have bars in their homes and want quality barstools that will impress their guests.

Why are Barstool Swivels Important?        

In short, barstool swivels make it easier for patrons to move around within a bar or restaurant. People can get in and out of their barstools easier when they swivel without sliding back which can prevent damage to the floors. Patrons can also easily turn to face each other when talking and if there is a live band at the bar, they can turn in the direction to face the band. This prevents people from moving their barstools to get a better view which can block aisles.

Barstool swivels help the bottom line of an establishment as well because it is easier to face the bartender and order another drink.

When Should Barstool Swivels be Replaced?

When barstool swivels are worn out or in disrepair, they should be replaced immediately. You should replace swivels when they become loose, wobbly, or noisy, and if the return spring becomes broken or the ball bearings fall out.  

It is important to get a high-quality barstool swivel replacement as cheaper swivels may become easily damaged or noisy. Inexpensive import barstool swivels tend to be of lower quality.  

At Trendler, we produce high-quality, durable barstool swivel plate and replacement parts in the U.S.

High Quality Barstool Swivels

Trendler offers a variety of barstool swivel mechanisms and replacement parts that can be easily installed on any type of barstool. Our barstool swivel plates are made from high quality steel and feature ball bearings that make the movement of the swivel smooth and quiet. The powder coating on the steel parts protects from moisture and rust which adds to their durability.

The barstool swivel mechanism allows for a 180-degree rotation and some of our swivel options include 90 degree stops and auto return. This allows the barstool to automatically rotate back to its original position.

Our barstool swivels are ideal for the following:

  1. Metal barstools
  2. Wooden barstools
  3. Upholstered barstools
  4. Backless barstools
  5. Custom barstools

Types of Barstool Swivel Plates

We design and produce a variety of barstool swivel plates to suit different applications.  

If you are not sure which type of swivel replacement is best for your barstools, call Trendler at (773) 284-6600 to talk to our swivel doctor.

We provide the following types of barstool swivel plates:

  1. Economy 6” swivels: Our economy 6”swivels are available flat or with a 3-degree pitch and have the option of 12 or 45 ball bearings.
  2. Standard 7” swivels: Our standard 7” swivels are square swivel plates available in flat, 3-degree, or 5-degree pitch with 12 or 51 ball bearings.
  3. Return swivels: Our return swivel plates feature a 90 degree stop and auto return that allows the swivel to return to its original position automatically.
  4. Heavy duty casino swivels: Our 7” heavy casino swivels have a 90 degree stop and come in flat or 3-degree pitch with 32 or 51 ball bearings.
  5. Barstool rings: In addition to barstool swivels, we provide barstool rings that fit around the legs of the stool. We offer custom round rings and custom square rings that are each available in chrome or brass finishes.

Contact Trendler for Barstool Swivels

Trendler has been one of the biggest manufacturers of barstool swivels in the world since the mid-1980s and we have designed and produced 500 different models of swivels. We continue to provide high-quality, long-lasting barstool swivels that can be used for any style of barstools.

We also provide finished swivel barstools in backless designs and designs with different style backs made from wood and metal.

You can visit our online store, call us at (773) 284-6600, or submit a contact form to learn more about our barstool swivel plates and replacement parts.

Our swivel doctor can help you determine which swivel is best for your application and talk to you about wholesale and estimate options.