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Banquet and Conference Chairs from Trendler

Trendler event, banquet and conference chairs

Banquet halls and conference rooms require a lot of chairs to host large groups for events and important meetings. When it comes to conference chairs and banquet chairs, durability and cost-effectiveness are important. Banquet halls should work with a professional like Trendler that can provide them with the amount of chairs they need that can suit their purpose at a great price.

At Trendler, we offer a variety of event chairs that are suited for conference rooms and banquet halls that need to host a lot of people at once. Our high-quality wood and metal framed chairs are affordable and durable to withstand use in these environments. Many of our banquet hall chairs are also stackable which makes for easy storage between events. Trendler offers banquet and conference chairs with wholesale pricing options that are manufactured in our Chicago, IL factory.

Event Chairs for Conference Rooms and Banquet Halls

Trendler has a variety of chairs available that can suit the needs of conference rooms and banquet halls, including our line of banquet and conference chairs that consists of many stackable styles with metal and aluminum frames and upholstery options. We also have chair models from our wood seating line that can suit the needs of event centers like conference and banquet halls.

Our professionals at Trendler can help you choose a style of event chair that is best suited for your particular needs. The following lines of Trendler brand products include chairs that can be used in conference rooms and banquet halls:

Banquet and Conference Chairs

Our line of banquet and conference chairs consists of many models of chairs made specifically for conference room and banquet hall settings. The models we offer include square dome, oval dome, round dome, circle, square back, and rectangle back models with either aluminum or metal frames. Several of these frame styles or stackable which makes it easy to store these chairs in less space when not in use. Each of these chairs feature upholstered seats and backs with the option for premier vinyl upholstery and more than two dozen options for fabric upholstery. We also offer flat tubing, butterfly tubing, fluted tubing, and ripple tubing for the aluminum frames and both metal and aluminum frames can be finished in one of our powder coating finishes including brass, chrome, bronze, anodized nickel, stainless steel, and more.

Wood Seating

Our wood seating line consists of wooden chair models that could suit the needs of a conference room or banquet hall. The wood chair models we have available including the ladder back, lattice back, jailhouse, bull dog, schoolhouse, sled, and stackable Windella models can be used in these settings. Each model comes with the option of upholstered seats and your choice of wood finish including mahogany, natural, walnut, cherry, and more.

Contact Trendler

Trendler can be your provider of conference and banquet hall chairs that are durable, reliable, and cost-effective.  

You can learn more about our available conference chair models as well as wholesale pricing by calling Trendler at (773) 284-6600, submitting a contact form, or visiting our online store.