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Chairs from Trendler

Trendler quality chairs

When Trendler first began in 1932, we manufactured metal components and parts for furniture such as seats, backs, and swivels. In the late 1980s, there was an increase of furniture products on the market from importers and wholesalers that created competition for our OEM customers that had been getting their parts from us. We saw a need for high-quality, American made furniture that could compete with imports and wholesalers, so Trendler began manufacturing finished furniture including chairs and barstools.

Our finished chairs and furniture products were originally provided directly for our OEM customers, and they were privately labeled. In 2015, we launched the Trendler brand for our finished chairs and furniture products and these products are available wholesale for OEMs and businesses as well as for individual consumers interested in quality furniture.

Quality Handmade Chairs

Trendler offers a wide variety of chairs in many different styles and materials that are suitable for a range of residential and commercial applications. Our chairs are handmade using quality materials with proven dependability and superior performance. We offer many different wood finish options, powder coating and chrome finishes for metal chairs, and vinyl colors for our upholstery chairs. We also have chairs available that feature our high-quality chair swivels.

All our chairs are made in the U.S.A. in our factory located in Chicago, IL. You can shop from our lines of metal seating, wood seating, upholstery series, retro series, and Americana series or work with us to create custom made chairs.

Trendler offers the following that no one else in the industry can match:

  • Largest selection of chair styles
  • Customizable chair backs
  • Many options for seat design and upholstery
  • Many wood finishes to select from
  • A variety of metal frame color finish options, including a beautiful chrome
  • Short delivery lead times

Contact Trendler to learn more about our line of chairs and custom chair options as well as wholesale options.

Types of Chairs from Trendler

We have several complete lines of finished handmade chairs with many customizable options for backs, seats, swivels, and finishes. We provide the following types of chairs:

  1. Wooden chairs: We offer a full line of wooden chairs with many different styles of seats and backs. You can choose from more than two dozen chair backing styles and many of our wooden chairs have an option for a cushion on the seat. You can choose from our wood seating line, the wood cluster tops of our Americana series, and wood seating with metal frames from our Karaoke Wood line. There are multiple wood finishes to choose from including cherry, walnut, mahogany, and natural.
  2. Metal chairs: Our line of metal chairs is made from quality metal materials and are available with many different styles of chair backs. Many of our metal chairs have options for metal, wood, and cushion seats and we also offer chairs with wooden backs and seats and metal frames. We offer a wide range of powder coating finish options including bronze, pewter, anodized nickel, a stunning chrome, and many more.
  3. Upholstered chairs: We offer a range of upholstered chair options from our upholstery series line and our retro series. Chairs from our upholstery series feature wooden frames and upholstered backs and seat cushions available in several different styles. The upholstery options include premier and contract vinyl that is available in 80 different colors. Our retro line of chairs features a variety of upholstered retro styles with metal frames and upholstered backs and seats.
  4. Swivel chairs: Trendler is known for our high-quality swivels and each of our collections of handmade chairs include motion models that feature our swivels. Our swivel chairs are fitted with our steel swivels that allow for smooth, quiet 180-degree rotation. Some of our motion chair models feature swivels with the 90 degree stop and auto return function that automatically rotates the seat back to its original position.
  5. Custom chairs: If you want unique chairs from Trendler, we can work with you to create custom chairs. You have many options available to you when it comes to materials, frame styles, wood and metal finishes, swivel options, and upholstery colors and we can also etch custom logos into chair backs for businesses and institutions.

Chair Catalogs

Contact Trendler for Chairs Made in the USA

At Trendler, we can produce quality handmade chairs in many different styles using the finest materials. With our style and finish options, you are sure to find a chair style that perfectly suits your home or business.

To learn more about our chair collections, custom chair design options, and wholesale options, contact Trendler by calling (773) 284-6600, submitting a contact form, or visiting our online store.