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Custom Chairs from Trendler

Custom chairs and barstools

Since our founding in 1932, Trendler has been manufacturing quality, custom chairs and furniture for businesses and OEM clients. After years of making quality furniture parts, we began making completed custom furniture in the 1980s to compete with wholesalers and importers by offering high quality American made products. We now offer custom seating and chairs for restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, banquet halls, and school and government buildings.

Our custom-made chairs are built using the highest quality wood, metal, and upholstery and we can build any of our custom chairs to include our high-quality swivels. No matter your application, our professionals at Trendler can manufacture custom chairs using the designs and materials of your choosing. All of our custom seating is American made in our factory in Chicago, IL.

Quality Custom Made Chairs

When you work with Trendler to get custom chairs for your business, you can expect a wide array of options for back and seat styles, upholstery colors and fabric, metal powder coating finishes including a beautiful chrome, retro selections, and wood stains and finishes. We also offer a variety of swivel types, and we will recommend the best suited swivel for your custom chairs. All of our custom chairs are built to last, and we can work with you to choose the styles and aesthetic that goes best with your building and your branding.

You will enjoy the following benefits when you work with Trendler for your custom seating:

  • Large selection of wood and metal materials for the seat, backs, and frames
  • Many chair seat and back style options
  • Wide variety of wood finishes
  • Chrome finishes and other metal powder coatings
  • Wide variety of vinyl upholstery colors
  • Many swivel styles to choose from
  • Custom logo burning for metal and wood chairbacks
  • Short delivery lead times

If you want to learn more about our available options for custom seating, pricing, and wholesale options, contact Trendler.

Options for Custom Seating

At Trendler, we offer so many options for custom seating from the materials and designs to the finishes and upholstery covers. The following are the customizable options for our chairs:

Custom Metal Chairs

We offer a wide variety of metal chair designs including chairs with wood seats and backs as well as chairs with metal frames and wood or upholstery seats and backs. You can choose from a range of designs including ladder backs, jailhouse backs, cross backs, lattice backs, mesh backs, solid backs, arch backs, stackable designs, and many more.  

Our metal chairs can come in a wide variety of powder coating and stunning chrome finishes that provide moisture and rust resistance to make your chairs long lasting. Our metal powder coating finish options include chrome finish, bronze, anodized nickel, brass, stainless steel, chrome metallic, pewter, rustic copper, and more.

Custom Wood Chairs

We can manufacture custom wood chairs in a variety of styles including ladder backs, jailhouse backs, and solid backs, as well as more intricate styles like the Cleo, Princeton, and Biedermier. You can choose to have chairs made entirely from wood or chairs with metal frames and wooden seats and backs. You can also have upholstered seats and backs for your custom wood chairs.

We offer several different wood stain finishes that you can choose from for your wood chairs including cherry, walnut, black stain, mahogany, natural, and more.

Custom Upholstered Chairs

We offer a variety of custom upholstered chair options as you can choose from one of our styles of full upholstered chairs or add upholstered backs and seats to one of our metal, retro, or wood chair styles. You can choose from around 80 different colors of premier and contract quality vinyl upholstery as well as more than two dozen different fabrics for upholstered banquet hall and conference style chairs.

Custom Swivel Chairs

Trendler is a leading manufacturer of quality chair swivels that can suit a wide range of chair styles. No matter which options you choose for your chair, we can manufacture a swivel that can fit your custom chair design.

Our swivels are made from durable steel and use ball bearings to provide smooth, noiseless rotation. Several of our swivels also have a 90 degree stop and return function in which the chair will automatically rotate back to its original position.  All of our swivels are finished with our metal powder coating to ensure they provide long lasting functionality.

Custom Logo Burning

At Trendler, we want to help design and create custom seating that captures the aesthetic of your building décor and company branding. One way we can further customize your chairs is by burning the logo of your business into the back of your chairs.

We use a simple logo burning process to add the logo of schools, businesses, sports teams, corporations, and more to the backs of metal and wood chairs. This process is done in-house, and it is an inexpensive process so you can add your logo and promote your brand for a reasonable extra cost. You just need to send us a PDF of your logo and we can return an image for your approval within 2-3 days. After your approval, we can begin production of your custom chairs with your logo within2-3 weeks.

Chair Catalogs

Contact Trendler for Custom Chairs

If you want custom seating for your restaurant, café, bar, school, banquet hall, or hotel, contact our professionals at Trendler. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to the materials, styles, wood and metal finishes, upholstery colors, swivels, and logo burning for your custom chairs.

You can visit our online store, call Trendler at (773) 284-6600, or submit a contact form to learn more about our custom chair options, pricing, and wholesale options.