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Hotel Lobby and Lounge Chairs from Trendler

Trendler hotel lounge and lobby chairs

Hotel lobbies and lounges may see hundreds, thousands—and in some locations—millions of visitors per year. This makes it important for hotel lobbies and lounges to have furniture that can withstand repeated use, year after year. At Trendler, we offer more than 1,000 models of chairs that can suit the needs of any hotel lobby or lounge. Whether your hotel is an independent hotel, upscale hotel, or an affordable hotel chain, we are sure to have chairs available that would make ideal lobby chairs and hotel lounge chairs.

Trendler offers a wide variety of chair and barstool models that can be used in hotel lobbies, lounges, restaurants, and bars in any type of hotel. Our high-quality chairs and barstools are durable enough to withstand the consistent use of a hotel lobby or lounge and they come in many styles suitable for upscale hotels as well as affordable hotel chains. Our professionals at Trendler will help you choose the right type of lobby chairs and hotel lounge chairs that suit your needs and fit the aesthetic of your hotel. All of our hotel chairs and barstools are made in our Chicago, IL factory.

Chairs for Hotel Lobbies and Lounges

Trendler offers a range of chairs and barstools that can be used in hotel lobbies and lounges as well as hotel restaurants and bars. This includes wood, metal, and upholstered chairs and barstools that come in a variety of styles with options for upholstery, swivels, seat and back styles, wood stains, and metal powder coating finishes. With the chair and barstool models we have available, you are sure to find lobby chairs that suit your specific needs and fit the aesthetic of your hotel.

The following Trendler brand lines of furniture include chairs and barstools that are suitable for the hospitality industry:

Wood Seating

Our line of wood seating consists of a variety of styles of wooden chairs and barstools with upholstered seat and back options. We offer many basic styles that can suit hotel lobbies and lounges including lattice backs, jailhouse backs, ladder backs, solid backs, and school housebacks, as well as more sophisticated styles like the Stefano, Princeton, Cleo, and Biedermier. With each model, you have a choice of chairs and 24” or 30” barstools and most models can have an upholstered seat or back. You can choose from our more than 80 colors of vinyl upholstery as well as our wood stain options including cherry, natural, mahogany, walnut, and more.

Metal Seating

Our line of metal seating includes many styles of chairs and barstools that can be used for hotel lobbies and lounges. The metal seating models available include lattice back, solid back, mesh back, ladder back, and jailhouse back styles among others and you can choose wood or upholstery seats and backs for many of the models. You can also choose 24” and 30” barstools that include our high-quality swivels. All of our metal seating can be finished with any of our metal powder coating finishes including chrome, bronze, stainless steel, pewter, anodized nickel, and more.

Karaoke Wood Motion Seating

Our line of Karaoke wood motion seating includes several models of wood chairs and barstools with metal frames, fitted with our swivels. The models available in this line include jailhouse back, slot back, ladder back, lattice back, and cross back styles with options for metal and upholstered seats and backs. Our Karaoke wood motion seating is ideal for hotel lounges, bars, and restaurants.

Americana Series

Our Americana series consists of several models of wood cluster top and metal cluster top chairs and barstools. For each model, you can choose wood, metal, or upholstered seats and backs and you have the option of a swivel. The ladder back, jailhouse back, and slot back wood cluster and metal cluster chairs and barstools can suit the needs of hotel lobbies and lounges.

Upholstery Series

Our upholstery series line includes several chair and barstool styles that are fully upholstered with wooden legs and frames. This line includes models such as the Barbara, Blanca, Claire, Bradley, Sofia, Santos, Rachael, and Jacob that would look great in hotel lobbies and lounges. You have the choice of our panda or premier vinyl upholstery in one of the more than 80 colors we have available.

Custom Chairs and Barstools

We can create custom chairs and barstools for hotel lobbies and lounges in which you can choose all of your options including styles, materials, seats, backs, upholstery, swivels, metal powder coating finishes, and wood stains. We also provide logo etching in which we can put your hotel logo on wood or metal chair backs.

Contact Trendler

If your hotel needs new lobby chairs or chairs for the hotel lounge, bar, or restaurant, our professionals at Trendler can help with the many models of durable chairs and barstools we have available. Our selection includes chair and barstool models appropriate for any type of hotel.

Give us a call at (773) 284-6600, submit a contact form, or visit our online store to learn more about our options for hotel lobby and lounge chairs as well as our wholesale pricing.