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Best Retro Barstools from Trendler

Whether you operate a vintage style diner or restaurant or want to create a vintage look in your own home, check out our retro barstools.

See some of the best retro bar stools available for your establishment (X1R series by Trendler pictured)

The vintage look is popular in many areas of life from vintage inspired clothing to vintage décor in homes and bars and restaurants.  There are many foodservice establishments that create a vintage look and atmosphere hoping to attract customers with nostalgia and a cozy feel. Designers of these spaces painstakingly recreate vintage looks from past decades to be as accurate as possible, and some go as far as reclaiming old furniture and ceiling beams to create an authentic vintage experience. However, it is possible to create a vintage look within your restaurant, bar, diner, café, or home without reclaiming period furniture.

With the popularity of retro styles and vintage inspired foodservice businesses, there are plenty of options to create a vintage look with new products. At Trendler, we offer retro style barstools in our Retro Series line that are ideal for businesses and homes creating a vintage look. Each of our barstool models in our Retro Series have a variety of options for metal finishes, upholstery colors, and our popular swivels. In this guide, we will discuss some of the top models of backed and backless retro barstools available as well as the options for each. You can also reach out to our professionals at Trendler to discuss the possibility of making custom retro inspired barstools for your application.

Quality Retro Barstools from Trendler

At Trendler, we take pride in creating high quality furniture including barstools for commercial and residential applications. We use the best materials available as well as our own stamping dies, welding fixtures, and injection molding to manufacture all of our models and custom products in our factory in Chicago, IL.  

You can expect the following when you work with Trendler for chairs and barstools:

·       Large selection of seating styles

·       Customizable chair and barstool backs

·       Many seat design and upholstery options

·       Variety of frame color finishes

·       Shortest delivery lead time available

With each retro barstool from Trendler, you can choose the seat style, metal frame finish, and upholstery color, and with some models, you can add our industry leading swivels to give motion to the seat. We are one of the world’s largest producers of swivels for chairs and barstools and offer several basic models as well as custom options. No matter what vintage style you are trying to invoke with your home or business, we have a retro style barstool that will be ideal.

Retro Series Barstools

The KD5 series of backed retro barstools by Trendler

Whether you are looking for a backed or backless style, simple or more eccentric color and design, you can find it in our Retro Series. The following are our 10 best backed and backless retro barstools.

Backed Retro Barstools

The KD5 series of backed retro barstools by Trendler

Backed barstools add a level of comfort by allowing people to lean back. The barstools available in our Retro Series include bucket seat options as well as options to add a back to a more traditional barstool style seat.

·       KD5: The KD5 is a chair and barstool model with a bucket style seat and leather upholstery. It is quite simple in its design with a foot ring for comfort. These barstools include an option for our 360 degree and return swivel and you can choose from our upholstery colors and metal frame finish options.

·       Diner Post: Our Diner Post barstool options are based on permanently bolted barstools associated with vintage style diners. We offer the Diner Post – Bolt Down models as well as Grout In models that are each installed permanently on to the floor. With both types, you can choose bucket seat and jailhouse or ladder-back styles and add our swivels to give the seat some motion. You can also choose from our many upholstery and metal finish options.

·       Tulip Base: These models feature frames that resemble a tulip with four legs that are close together under the seat but branch out halfway to the floor. Each of these models have rings that connect to the legs where they spread out with options for a ladder back or bucket style seat.

·       X41: The X41 model features a bucket style seat on a four-leg frame and square foot ring. The frame and seat are available in any of our metal frame finishes and upholstery colors, but this model does not have the option for a swivel.

·       X1R and X2R: These barstools feature retro style four-leg frames with the option of a bucket style seat or round barstool seat with an Uph back. You have your choice of metal frame finishes and upholstery colors with both models. The main difference between theX2R and X1R is that the X2R has two rings on the frame and the X1R has an option for a swivel.

Backless Retro Barstools

The Diner Post series of backed retro bar stools by Trendler

Backless barstools have a more classic style and are associated with vintage inspired bars and diners. The image of rows of backless barstools comes to mind when picturing a scene in a vintage diner or soda fountain. We offer multiple models of backless retro barstools that capture this vintage look:

·       Diner Post: Our Diner Post Bolt Down backless barstool is manufactured in the style of vintage stools one would find at the counter of an old diner. These stools are bolted into the ground and feature a sturdy frame and round wood seat with the option for a swivel.

·       X1R and X2R: The X1R and X2R models include backless barstools with round seats and metal frames. The round seats are available in any of our upholstery colors and the frames can be finished in our metal finish options. The X1R features a barstool with seat ring for even more of a vintage look and these models have the option of a swivel.

·       L41: Our L41 backless barstools feature upholstered round seats on metal frames with an option for a ring seat. These barstools can include a swivel and you can choose from any of our metal frame finishes and upholstery colors.

·       Tulip Base: Our backless barstool option for the Tulip Base models comes with a round, upholstered seat and an option for a swivel.  You can choose from any of our upholstery colors for the seat and either a chrome or painted frame.

·       Floridian: The Floridian is a model from our Metal Seating catalog but the 30” barstool does have a vintage look. This barstool has a metal frame with the option of a metal or wood seat, and it comes in several color options for the frames.

Retro Barstools from Trendler

Whether you operate a vintage style diner or restaurant or want to create a vintage look in your own home, check out our retro barstools. Trendler offers a wide range of vintage inspired barstools, and we can work with you to create a custom product for your unique application. Our products are manufactured with quality materials and processes in our Chicago, IL factory.

Call Trendler at (773) 284-6600 for more about our available barstools and other products.