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Employee Spotlight: Gabriel Ibarra – Logistics Coordinator

Employees are a critical part of who Trendler is as a company. Our team represent our values and brand. Get to know some of the individuals who help carry on Trendler's tradition of innovation, quality, and service every day.

Born and raised in Chicago “Little Village” on the Southwest Side of City. Parents owned and managed a grocery store in neighborhood where Gabe as a teenager managed store for his family. This experience managing family business helped Gabe develop skills managing inventory, dealing with vendors, city inspectors and customers.

Q. Tell me a little more about your role, what does a typical day look like?

Gabe’s role as Logistics Coordinator for the past four years in 2017 consists of scheduling Trendler Truck for local deliveries, coordinate shipments for customer orders, receive incoming materials and coordinating with Productions leads to get goods out on time. Plus audits and documents accurate Bill of Landing for proper Billing of products. He is Company’s “Gatekeeper” for all materials coming into and out of Trendler.

Q. What makes you excited to come into work every day?

Gabe enjoys overcoming the many challenges of his Logistics Coordinator position and embraces them with enthusiasm and professionalism. Current volatility in market conditions is just like another day managing family grocery store as a young man. Having product ready to ship on time for Trendler’s valued customers is his passion!

Q. Outside of the office what do you like to do?

Outside work he spends most of his free time with his mom, dad and five nephews ages five to twenty-one. Avid Cigar smoker, “Monti Cristo” is his favorite 2 hour smoke. Gabe wants to be just like his best friend “Daisy” who is his inspiration and influences him to be the best he can be!