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Enhance Your Chairs and Barstools with Upholstery from Trendler

Commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, and banquet halls need dependable seating. When it comes to choosing the right chairs and barstools, businesses should find an option that not only serves the purpose, but also adds to the comfort and aesthetic of the space. The best way to enhance the aesthetic and increase the comfort of an office or other commercial space is to choose upholstered furniture.

Choosing upholstered chairs and barstools can benefit your restaurant, office, or other businesses in a number of ways from the fabric and color options to the comfort of the seating.  At Trendler, we offer a wide range of chairs and barstools with upholstered seats and backs with many colors of upholstery to choose from.  You can work with our professionals to find the right upholstered chairs and barstools for your business among our available products or to customize a product that perfectly suits your needs and aesthetic.

In this guide, we discuss the benefits of choosing upholstered barstools and chairs as well as highlight some of our upholstered products.  You can talk to our professionals at Trendler about our options for upholstered chairs and barstools.

Why Choose Upholstered Seating?

As mentioned above, adding upholstery to chairs and barstools makes the furniture more comfortable and gives you an opportunity to create a more unique piece that matches your branding or aesthetic.  The upholstery itself adds colors and patterns to the appearance of the chair or barstool while the padding within the upholstery makes the furniture more comfortable.

The following are the biggest advantages of upholstered chairs and barstools:

Enhanced appearance: Upholstery comes in many colors and patterns that can give your furniture a unique look.  You can choose the same color or pattern for all of your chairs and barstools or mix it up by choosing different colored upholstery for different style chairs and barstools or for different areas of your business.

Improved comfort: Adding upholstery and cushions to the furniture makes it more comfortable to sit on than plastic, metal, or wood.

Better style: You have more style options when choosing upholstery as there are a wide variety of colors, materials, and upholstery styles to choose from.  You can choose cotton or vinyl upholstery for a more casual style or leather for an elegant style.

More options: The options when it comes to upholstery are seemingly endless as you can choose from an endless array of colors, patterns, fabrics, and textures.

Furniture can be re-upholstered: The upholstery on furniture can always be changed as current upholstery can be removed and the furniture can be re-upholstered.  Furniture may be re-upholstered if the current upholstery is faded, damaged, or outdated, or if you want to simply change the style of your furniture.  Re-upholstery is also cheaper than replacing furniture.

Upholstery is durable and easy to clean: Many types of upholstery fabric are quite durable, but they need to be cleaned regularly to ensure durability.  Fortunately, upholstery is easy to clean and can be done with a wet cloth and a vacuum.  If your upholstery is stained, you can find the right stain remover for the type of stain and fabric to remove it.

Quality Upholstered Chairs and Barstools from Trendler

Trendler provides a variety of upholstered chairs and barstools with metal and wood frames that are made in our Chicago, IL factory.  We offer high quality premier and contract vinyl with 80 different colors to choose from in our Upholstery Series and Retro Series.  Our vinyl upholstery is durable and resistant to bacteria and also very easy to clean which makes it ideal for many commercial settings.  Each of our chair and barstool models includes your choice of wood stains or metal powder coating finishes, depending on the frame materials, and the option of adding our heavy-duty swivels.

The following are just a few of the upholstered chairs and barstool models we offer:

Trendler HD

The Trendler HD from our Retro Series features an upholstered barstool bucket seat with a four-leg metal frame and foot ring.  You can choose from any of our upholstery colors for the bucket seat and from a range of colors or powder coating finishes for the frame. 

Trendler P4

The Trendler P4 is a different version of the previous barstool but with a different style bucket seat.  You can also choose from any of our vinyl upholstery colors for this style bucket.

Trendler TJ

The Trendler TJ is the chair version of the HD and P4 that consists of an upholstered bucket seat and metal legs.  Like with the previous models, you can choose from any of our available vinyl upholstery colors as well as a variety of colors and powder coating finishes for the metal legs.

Trendler T96

The Trendler T96 is similar to the TJ but with a different style bucket seat top that features an arched chair back.  You can choose from the same upholstery colors and metal finish options for this chair.

Trendler P2

The Trendler P2 from our Retro Series features a barstool bucket seat with a four-leg metal frame with two foot rings.  You can choose from our vinyl upholstery color options as well as powder coating finishes and colors for the metal frame.  You can even choose different colors for each leg and foot ring for a unique aesthetic.

Trendler T85

The Trendler T85 from our Metal Seating catalog and features a four-leg metal frame with a foot ring and an upholstered barstool bucket seat.  You can choose from any of the color options for the upholstery and metal frame and you can also add a swivel to this model.

Trendler T86

The Trendler T86 from our Retro Series features a chair bucket seat and a five-legged metal frame with wheels.  All of our vinyl upholstery color options are available for this seat and you can also choose to add one of our swivels. 

Trendler T98

The Trendler T98 is from our Retro Series and features a barstool bucket seat and four-leg metal frame with outward expanding legs and foot ring.  You can choose different colors or powder coating finishes for the legs and foot ring and from our full range of vinyl upholstery colors for the bucket seat.  You can also add a swivel to this model.

This model is similar to the T98 but with a barstool bucket seat with a more arched seat back.  Once again, you can choose from any of our options for metal frame colors and finishes, upholstery colors, and swivels for this model.

Call Trendler for Upholstery Seating

You can enhance the seating of your office, restaurant, or other business by choosing upholstery chair and barstool seating options from Trendler.  We offer many different models of upholstered seating with your choice of vinyl upholstery colors, finishes for metal and wood frames, and swivels for certain models.

Our professionals at Trendler can help you choose the right furniture products for your needs from our available models, and we can also create chairs and barstools that mix and match styles, materials, and colors for a unique product.  You can expect high-quality, handmade chairs, wholesale pricing options, and short delivery lead times when you work with Trendler.