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Employee Spotlight: Geniene Uram – Sales Manager, 17 years

Born and raised in Chicago, Geniene has always had a passion for customers. She began her career at Trendler as a Customer Service Representative, 17 years ago. Read how she has played a critical role in contributing to Trendler’s success.

Q. Tell me a little more about your role, what does a typical day look like?

As the Sales Manager I start my day at 8 am and oversee two employees in the shipping, receiving and sales department. I work closely with new and existing customers via emails and phone. I complete quote requests, order entry, respond to any questions about our products, solve any issues, all while providing the exceptional customer service Trendler has a reputation for.

Q. What makes you excited to come into work every day?

Well I really enjoy what I do. Our customer base is great and the work environment in which Trendler has built over 75 years is healthy and positive. You are just not a number at Trendler, as an employee I feel that my opinion is valued. I can also say from the leadership team to the shop floor, we really work well together as a team.

Q. What has been your biggest accomplishment at Trendler?

I would say moving up the ladder. When I was brought on board, I had a specific set of skills the leadership team was looking for as a Customer Service Representative. After holding the position for a few years, I then moved over to the shipping and receiving department. I spent a few years in that department where I learned to face and conquer any challenges head on. Now, I’m back in the Sales Department where I have expanded my product knowledge and I’m continuously learning new things.

Q. Outside of the office what do you like to do?

I’m married and I have two children, who are actively involved in sports. I enjoy spending time with them, vacationing especially at Walt Disney World and of course relaxing on my back patio.