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Product Spotlight: Commercial Wooden High Chairs

Without sacrificing style, Trendler’s commercial highchairs are cost effective, durable and made in the USA.

Year after year, children are injured in high chair related accidents. To prevent an accident, it’s important to take precautions when it comes to high chair use.

Last year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CSPC approved new federal standards designed to improve the safety of all high chairs, including those used in restaurants. The new regulations incorporate voluntary standards developed by ASTM International, a nonprofit that works with manufacturers and other sectors to develop standards.

Trendler is excited to announce in partnership with Cross-roads, our newest product for commercial use; Commerical Wooden High Chairs. Designed to meet the standards set forth by the CSPC, our high chairs provide safety and a piece of mind for parents across the country. Without sacrificing style, they are cost effective, durable and made in the USA. Manufactured in a walnut or natural wood finish, our high chairs are built to standard table height, allowing children to comfortably sit at the same height as other guests at the table. Additionally, they can also stack on top of each other to save restaurants valuable storage space and make it easier to clean floors and around tables.

Natural Stackable Commercial High Chair

When choosing wooden high chairs for your restaurant it is important to remember these two words: standards and stability.

Standards: All high chairs made in the U.S. or imported must meet the new standards set forth by the CSPC.

Stability: A child’s safety will depend on the stability of the chair. Our high chairs wide base makes it difficult for the chair to fall over. Falls can also occur if a child is not restrained properly. Our high chairs include a seatbelt that can easily adjust to the child during use.