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Trendler 2023 Recap and the Launch of the Trendler Podcast

Since 1932, Trendler has been committed to providing high quality chairs, barstools, and swivels for a wide range of applications while delivering outstanding customer service. We have always made it our mission to continuously improve our manufacturing process by incorporating new methods and technology so we can stay at the cutting edge of the industry and produce the best possible furniture products. This not only benefits our business by helping us grow, but also our customers as they can expect a dependable, long-lasting product when they work with Trendler.

2023 – Record Year for Trendler

At Trendler, we had one of our best years on record in 2023.  We not only achieved excellent sales numbers, but also strengthened our relationships with our employees, customers and vendors.  Success isn’t all about sales numbers as improving these relationships and strengthening the trust that our employees, customers and business partners have in us is crucial for continued growth and success.

All of our employees at Trendler worked hard and went above and beyond in 2023 to ensure that our customers got the best possible service and highest quality products.  This helped us improve our conversion rate in 2023 and introduce a new set of customers to our brand.  We also added new products and took our marketing a step further by introducing our YouTube channel early in 2023.

Trendler takes pride in producing dependable, high-quality chairs, barstools, and swivels for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), wholesalers, individual consumers, and a range of businesses and institutions in our Chicago, IL factory.  We will continue to improve our processes to set the standard in our industry for quality and customer service.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to an amazing 2023 for Trendler, including our customers, vendors, marketing partners, and of course, the entire Trendler staff.

We are projecting continued growth in 2024 and look forward to another successful year!  The following are the main highlights that made 2023 one of our best:

· Strong relationships: Much of our success can be attributed to our strong relationships with our customers and vendors, some of whom have been working with Trendler for more than 50 years.

· Dedicated employees: Our employees are at the forefront of our manufacturing processes and integrate new, innovative strategies that improve the quality of our products.  They are a major reason for our success in 2023.

· Record conversions: In 2023, we converted a higher number of leads into customers than ever before. 

· New Products: Customer satisfaction is important to us, which is why we value the feedback we get from our customers.  In 2023, we added new products at the request of our customers to better suit their needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

· Video marketing: The launch of our YouTube channel in early 2023 was a major marketing step as we have created and posted more than a dozen videos, 94 shorts and over 250,000 views since April 2023 to help our customers get a better idea of who we are, what we do, and how we can help you find the ideal seating solution.

New Trendler Podcast (Brothers, Battles & Bounty) for 2024

There are many things for us to be excited about at Trendler as we ride the wave of a successful 2023 into 2024.  As mentioned above, we are forecasting continued growth, and we hope to build on the trend of converting more customers than ever before.  Another thing to be excited about in 2024 is the upcoming launch of our new Trendler podcast.

Starting in 2024, Trendler is going to have monthly podcasts that can be seen on our YouTube channel.  In these podcasts, we will talk to the leaders in our industry and discuss topics such as the state of the furniture industry and relevant news.  We will also talk about how to run a successful business which will be helpful to anyone out there trying to grow their business, no matter what industry. 

We are excited to get started with our podcast and hope that those who work within our industry, business owners, and our customers find value and enjoyment in the topics we will cover.  You can learn about the latest in our industry as well as what is happening within Trendler.  To keep up on the latest with our podcast as well as other news and updates regarding Trendler, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Quality Seating Solutions from Trendler

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who made 2023 such a successful year for Trendler including our employees, vendors, and most importantly, our customers.  We look forward to another successful year and the launch of our podcast in 2024!

If you are looking for quality seating solutions for your home or business, look no further than Trendler.  We offer a wide range of chairs, barstools, furniture swivels, and other parts manufactured in our Chicago, IL factory.  You can choose from the chair and barstool models we have in our catalogs or work with us to choose your options and create a truly unique product.  We use the best quality materials and manufacturing processes to produce dependable, long-lasting seating solutions for any residential or commercial setting.

To learn more about the furniture products we offer, call Trendler at (773) 284-6600 or submit a contact form.