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Trendler Adds Some Color to Our Trendler Brand Chairs and Barstools

Trendler offers our wide range of Trendler brand chairs and barstools to businesses,organizations, schools, OEMs, wholesalers, retailers, and private buyers.

At Trendler, we take great pride in manufacturing high quality chairs, barstools, and swivels in our Chicago, IL factory.  We offer a range of Trendler brand products and also give our customers the opportunity to customize their products by mixing and matching seat and back styles, wood stains, powder metal finishes, and paint and upholstery colors. Our customers can work with us to create a furniture product that is truly unique and suits their purposes.

In order to provide the best quality products and outstanding customer service, we take customer feedback seriously.  Recently, a customer told us that we should showcase more colors in our products so that more people are aware of their color options when they work with us to create a more personalized, unique product.  Introducing bright colored furniture in places like schools, homes, offices, and other settings can help create a more fun atmosphere and break up the drab environment that places like this tend to be.  Something as simple as chairs with school colors or the colors of a company’s branding can add some excitement to these settings and lighten the mood.

Trendler offers our wide range of Trendler brand chairs and barstools to businesses, organizations, schools, OEMs, wholesalers, retailers, and private buyers.  We work with each customer to create a product that suits their need when it comes to function and aesthetics.  You have many options when it comes to materials, styles, finishes, and RAL bright colors for all of our products so you can create something truly unique.  

The Floridian line of Trendler bar stools is a great way toadd a splash of unique color to your space

Add a Touch of Color

Adding bright, festive, or interesting colors to any space is a sure way to enhance the mood of those within the space and create a more fun atmosphere.  This can be especially helpful in places like classrooms and offices where a drab atmosphere can contribute to lethargy.  Colors have a direct effect on our moods and when you introduce the right amount of color, you can improve the general mood of the space and create a more comforting, yet exciting environment.

When you work with Trendler, you have a wide range of RAL Bright colors to choose from when it comes to paint for wood and metal frames, seats,and backs, as well as vinyl upholstery. You can choose a color combination that reflects branding or school colors or to liven up the space with brightly colored furniture that fits the aesthetic.

The following are just some examples of our chair and barstool products that can be enhanced with RAL Bright colors:

Floridian Metal Seating

Our Floridian products in our metal seating line are available in backed and backless chair and barstool styles with the option to add a wood seat. These products are among our most popular because customers like the unique style as well as the range of bright colors you can choose from.  We have many RAL bright colors available for Floridian chairs and barstools that really stand out.

Harris Barstool

The Harris barstool by Trendler

This Harris barstool from our line of wood products is a typical wooden framed barstool with an upholstered seat.  However, with the colors for paint and upholstery we have available, you can turn this barstool into a more appealing product by choosing an eye-catching color combination.  You can choose matching or contrasting colors for the frame and seat for a unique look.

Karaoke 30 Motion Barstool

The Karaoke 30 Motion barstool by Trendler

Karaoke 30 Motion barstools have the option of a wood or upholstered seat and feature one of our heavy-duty swivels to give them motion.  As you can see from the models pictured, you can choose colors for the frame, seat base, and seat top to create interesting color combinations. Bright colors for these barstools would look great in a café, bar, restaurant, or the kitchen in your home.

 Levi Barstool

The Levi barstool by Trendler

The Levi Barstool has an interesting frame style with a wooden seat.  You can choose from any of our RAL bright colors to make the frame even more interesting and match the aesthetic of your space.

 1174 Round Tube Barstool

The 1174 Round Tube Barstool by Trendler

The 1174 Round Tube Barstool is a metal barstool with a frame consisting of metal tubing and an upholstered seat.  You can choose bright colors for the frame and upholstery, and you can even mix and match colors for the different tubes of the frames.

809 Barstool

The 809 Barstool by Trendler

The 809 Barstool from our metal line of products features a metal frame and back with an upholstered seat. You can choose from our available bright colors for the frame and back and from more than 80 colors of our vinyl upholstery.

X2R Barstool

The X2R Barstool by Trendler

The X2R Barstool from our Retro Seating line features a retro style metal frame with an upholstered seat.  The product pictured has two different colors for the legs and rings of the frame and a color for the seat that matches the rings.  For this model, you can choose from any of our RAL bright colors for the frame legs and rings and from our available vinyl upholstery colors.  You can mix and match colors to create unique color combinations.

Why Choose Trendler?

Trendler has been producing high quality furniture products and furniture parts since 1932 and all of our products are fabricated and assembled in our Chicago, IL factory.  We serve OEMs, wholesalers, and retailers by providing them with a dependable product that their customers are sure to love. We have become one of the most trusted names in the industry through years of innovation and we can provide the following that cannot be matched by our competitors:

·       Made to order products: All of our Trendler products are made to order which gives our customers the freedom to create unique products. No matter what products, materials, colors, or styles you choose, we can make your specific order in bulk and have your products ready quickly to your exact specifications.  Others cannot offer this level of personalization for bulk, made to order products.

·       Produced on time: When you work with Trendler, you can trust that your products will be produced and ready when you need them.  We can offer short lead times and create bulk orders on time.

·       Good value: Trendler has spent decades innovating and perfecting our products so that we can create high quality furniture that is built to last.  OEMs, wholesalers, and retailers can expect quality products that your customers can trust, and we can offer our chair and barstool products in a wide range of unique combinations of styles, colors, and materials to diversify what you can offer to your customers.

If you are interested in high-quality American made furniture products, contact Trender or call us at (773) 284-6600 for more about our options for custom, made to order chairs and barstools.