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American Made Swivels from Trendler

Trendler American-made swivels

Trendler became a world-leading swivel manufacturer early in our existence as a business. We created our first swivel when Douglas Furniture approached Anton Gfesser Sr. to fabricate a swivel product that could be used for their furniture products. Anton Sr. returned to them with several designs and a price for the swivels, and Douglas Furniture loved the product. The rest is history.

Since manufacturing our first swivels, Trendler has designed, produced, and manufactured more than 500 different models of our heavy-duty swivels and we have sold more than 100 million swivel units. All of our high quality, American made swivels are manufactured and assembled in our Chicago, IL factory for a wide variety of applications including chairs, barstools, and boat chairs. Every component including the swivel plates and ball bearings is produced and assembled in-house and finished with a powder coating finish to create a quality, long lasting product.

Swivel Factory

At Trendler, we moved into our current 160,000 square foot facility near Midway Airport in 1997. Our in-house Research and Development team builds and maintains the world class equipment we use to manufacture high-quality swivels as well as our chairs and barstools. Our swivels are made to order along with our swivel chair and barstool products, and we can also produce individual swivels for various applications.  

The state-of-the-art equipment in our factory includes injection molding dies, welding fixtures, progressive stamping dies, robotic mig welding, and production metal stamping which we use to manufacture our swivel base plates and components. All of our swivels are also assembled in-house, and we apply a powder coating finish that is rust and moisture resistant. You can expect maximum, long-lasting performance from our American made swivels.

American Made Swivels and Barstools

We can design and manufacture swivels for many furniture applications including a wide range of chairs and barstools. All of our swivels consist of heavy-duty steel plates with ball bearings between the plates for quiet, smooth motion. Our swivels allow for 180-degreerotation and can be manufactured with a 90 degree stop and auto return feature which stops the swivel at a 90-degree rotation and returns it automatically back to its original position.  

We manufacture the following types of swivels:

  1. Economy 6” swivels: Our economy 6”swivels have square swivel plates with a flat or 3-degree pitch and can be fabricated with the amount of screw holes needed for your application.
  2. 7” swivels: These are our standard square plate swivels that can be made with flat, 3-degree, and 5-degree pitches.
  3. Return swivels: These swivels have an auto return function in which the swivel stops at a 90-degree rotation and returns automatically to its initial position.
  4. 7” heavy duty casino swivels: These heavy-duty swivels come with a 3-degree pitch with the 90 degree stop and return feature.
  5. 4CD swivels: Our 4CD swivels attach directly to chair and barstool legs and are made from 12-gauge steel.  You can get these swivels in flat, 3-degree, and 5-degree pitches.
  6. 11” big turn swivels: These swivels are used for large furniture like recliners and sofa chairs.
  7. Boat swivels and accessories: Our heavy-duty boat swivels are designed for boat seats and come with 7”, 13”, and adjustable pedestal bases. Our boat swivels also have a moisture resistant black finish that allows them to withstand the conditions of marine use.
  8. Table plates: Our table plates are square plates that provide support to keep high top tables stable. You can support a 36” wide table top with our 7” by 7” 12-gauge steel table plates and table tops up to 48” wide with our 11” by 11” 9-gauge steel table plates.

Our high-quality swivels can be used in the following applications:

  1. Barstool swivels: wooden barstools, backless barstools, metal barstools, upholstered barstools
  2. Chair swivels: wooden chairs, metal chairs, recliners, retro style chairs, boat seats
  3. Boat swivels: pedestal swivel bases, boat seat swivel mounts

Contact Trendler

Trendler is a worldwide leader in swivel manufacturing, and we can produce an American made swivel to suit almost any application.  

For more information about our quality swivels, call Trendler at (773) 284-6600, submit a contact form, or visit our online store.