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Trendler Chairs, Barstools & Swivels for Omaha, NE

Trendler offers quality seating solutions including chairs, barstools & swivels in Omaha, NE & surrounding cities

Trendler, Inc. is a family-owned furniture manufacturer with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our product line includes finished chairs, barstools, and furniture parts such as chair and barstool swivels that are precision machined with the highest quality and attention to detail. We are proud to say that we can offer customized solutions for businesses in Omaha, NE and the surrounding areas in order to meet any of their furniture needs with superior products that stand up against everyday wear-and-tear.

Over the past nine decades, Trendler has established itself as an industry leader in chair and barstool swivels. It all started in 1932 when our company partnered with some of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the world to create metal parts and components. Taking that experience and expertise, we went on to fabricate swivels—starting with just one model—and eventually building hundreds of models. By 1985, Trendler had become one of the largest manufacturers of swivels in the world and today is renowned for its heavy-duty products, which are sought-after in many industries.

With increased competition from abroad in the 1980s, we understood the growing demand for American made furniture and metal and wood parts and so we began producing finished furniture products to be used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Throughout the years, our finished products have operated under a private label but in 2015, we unveiled Trendler brand furnishings to serve OEMs, wholesalers, and businesses, as well as individual buyers. Our offering includes chairs and barstools crafted from both wood and metal materials; all continuing to stand up to our stringent quality control protocols for safety and design.

At Trendler, we take pride in our 160,000 square foot facility with advanced equipment that is maintained and built by our team. We are the ultimate manufacturer for all your swivel, chairs, barstools, and spare parts needs with American made products of high-quality. Our in-house Research and Development team keeps us one step ahead of industry trends when it comes to product innovation and modern processes to ensure we deliver reliable solutions fit for a variety of situations from homes and businesses to everyday wear and tear. You can rest assured that every product manufactured by Trendler is built to last.

Trendler is well-known in Omaha, NE and the surrounding areas for providing chair, barstool, and swivel models that can meet many different design requirements. Not only do we offer an extensive selection of designer models, but we are also renowned for our custom order services, allowing us to craft unique pieces for OEMs, wholesalers, businesses, and individual clients throughout Waterloo, Bennington, Washington, Fort Calhoun, Crescent, Honey Creek, and Gretna, NE. Whether you want a one-of-a-kind piece or would like to use our existing designs to make a statement in your commercial space or home office, our team at Trendler can make it happen.

Want to learn more about Trendler's high-end chairs, swivels, and barstools? Reach out now - call our experts at (773) 284-6600 or submit a contact form. Discover why we're the leading choice in seating solutions.


When it comes to seating products, look no further than Trendler. Not only do we manufacture our products in a state-of-the-art facility based in Chicago, but we are also proud of the fact that we promise top-notch quality in all of our items. Our selection is unsurpassed, and you can expect short lead times due to our stellar production process. We understand the importance of working with dependable materials and professionals, which is why countless customers have chosen Trendler for their seating needs throughout the years.

We offer the following products for OEMs, wholesalers, businesses, and individual buyers in the Omaha, NE area:

●     Swivels: Trendler is a leading force in swivel technology, having created over 400 unique models. Our range of heavy-duty swivels can be found on chairs and barstools around the world.

●     Chairs: We provide an expansive selection of chairs including wood, metal, and upholstered varieties as well as swivel chairs custom-made to meet any need. Residential and commercial clients both benefit from our wide range of options.

●     Barstools: We offer a variety of different barstool models including barstools with swivels and with and without backs. Our barstools can be customized for bars, restaurants, and homes.‍

●     Commercial: From hotels to government agencies, we can provide tailored seating solutions for commercial businesses. Our range of customized chairs and barstools are perfect for any foodservice environment from restaurants and bars all the way through to banquet halls.

●     Furniture parts: Get outfitted in style with our wide range of furniture parts. From super seaters to beautiful backs, sturdy frames and swiveling pedestals, we've got something for every kind of furnishing. Let us help you create the perfect set up today.


If you're looking for a top-of-the-line chair or barstool swivels, then there's no better choice than Trendler. We've been providing high quality swivel models since 1962 and have manufactured over 100 million units and hundreds of different models to suit all types of furniture applications. From premium, made-to-order boat seats to chairs and barstools, our swivels elevate the look of any piece while ensuring durable performance over time. Our knowledgeable professionals are always available to discuss your needs and help you determine which model is best for your application. We also specialize in custom swivels — so whatever you need, let us know and we can make it happen!

Our swivels are a long-term solution for rotating items due to their heavy-duty construction and protective coating. The full bearing plates provide worry-free, quiet motion and the 180-degree rotation allows for flexibility when maneuvering items. With the built-in auto return feature, our swivels will always move back to their original spot, giving you peace of mind that your items remain in the desired position.

The swivels we produce are durable and can withstand harsh environments, including marine applications. Talk to one of our swivel specialists for more about our swivel options.


Trendler aims to provide Omaha’s residents and commercial spaces with durable, handmade chairs that are built for any application. We believe strongly in utilizing only the highest quality materials, so that our customers can depend on reliable performance no matter the application. Plus, we offer a vast selection of wood finishes, metal powder coatings, and upholstery colors - allowing our customers to create customized products tailored to their individual preference. Moreover, we are proud to offer a personalized touch by putting school or corporate logos directly onto wooden chair backs. At Trendler, we strive to give widespread access to quality seating solutions designed specifically for your needs.

When it comes to our chairs, we can offer the following that others cannot:

●     Large selection of chair models

●     Many chair back options including customizable chair backs

●     Wide variety of wood finishes and upholstery colors

●     Range of metal frame color finish options including beautiful chrome finish

●     Short delivery lead times

We offer the following types of chairs:

●     Wooden chairs: Our selection of wooden chairs offers unparalleled choice and quality. With more than two dozen wood chair back styles and a variety of upholstered and wood seat options, you are sure to find the perfect seating solution for your space. Choose from several different wood finishes including mahogany, walnut, cherry, or natural – each with its own unique character to create a space that is uniquely yours. Our Americana series boasts cluster tops in both contemporary and classic styles for unparalleled styling flexibility. Our Karaoke Wood line has a wide selection of beautiful chairs designed to blend harmoniously with any décor.

●     Metal chairs: Our metal chairs are made with an eye towards form and function, manufactured using only the best quality materials. Offering a diverse selection of fashionable styles – from classic to contemporary – with seating and back options available in metal, wood, or upholstery; our chairs not only look great but are also extremely durable and built to last. You’ll also have the choice of numerous powder coating finishes, including chrome, pewter, bronze, anodized nickel, among others; allowing you to find the perfect piece for any décor.

●     Upholstered chairs: Our Upholstery Series and Retro Series of chairs offer a great selection for any setting. From the more than 80 vibrant colors in both our premier and contract vinyl upholstery, you can find something that suits your taste. Pick either a wooden frame or metal frame to fit your space and decor. Our quality upholstered seats and backs bring utmost comfort for an unbeatable price. By choosing from one of these series, you are sure to get a sophisticated yet cozy look.

●     Swivel chairs: Our chair swivels offer customers a smooth and noiseless movement around its 180-degree rotation range. It also has the extra benefit of a 90 degree stop, which allows for improved comfort when positioning oneself during use. Furthermore, the auto return function is designed to keep it in place when not in use, allowing for maximum efficiency and stability.

●     Custom chairs: With Trendler, you can design a custom chair to perfectly match the aesthetics of your space. Our selection of materials, frame styles, seat and back styles, wood and metal finish options, upholstery colors, and swivel mechanisms give you endless possibilities to create a truly unique look. On top of that, we also offer an additional customization option: from corporate logos to university seals, our chair backs can be etched to reflect your business or school identity.


Trendler provides Omaha, NE with dependable barstool models that are made from quality materials. Our range of barstools includes options such as wood, metal, and upholstery in various finishes and colors. Designed to please any eye, our swivel feature is one of the highest quality you can find on the market today. To accompany the style of your restaurant, bar, or house, Trendler has a well-crafted barstool model that's right for you.

We offer the following types of barstools:

●     Wooden barstools: At Trendler, adding seating that complements your decor is easy. Whether you prefer something classic or modern, we have the perfect wooden barstool for you. Our selection includes backless styles with a range of wooden frames and barstools with wooden backs too - plus all models can be further customized with an upholstered seat option. To complete your home, choose from our wood seating line, The Americana series and Karaoke Wood series. And no matter which model you select, you can always find the best wooden finish for your space - natural, mahogany, wood, or cherry.

●     Metal barstools: Our selection of metal barstools is unparalleled in terms of variety and quality. With fully backed and backless styles to choose from, you can find a seat that is the perfect fit for any room. The seats and backs come in wood, metal, or upholstered versions to meet your individual tastes. And no matter which one you go with, you can pick from any of our metal powder coating finishes - such as chrome, bronze, pewter, or anodized nickel - to ensure your piece stands out in style. Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail make sure that these barstools last well into the future.

●     Upholstered barstools: Our upholstered barstool models offer a timeless design with great flexibility when it comes to customization. Every model in our upholstery series and retro series is built with impeccable quality, and you can choose from one of 80 different colors of vinyl upholstery to perfectly fit the aesthetics of any space. Our selection includes both backed and backless models with metal or wood frames, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect barstool for your home or office.

●     Swivel barstools: Our barstool models offer superior comfort and convenience thanks to their high-quality swivels. The built-in swivels are designed with smooth operation for a hassle-free 180-degree spin, allowing for the ultimate in ease of use. For added convenience, the auto return feature permits you to rotate the stool from side to side in 90-degree increments, so that you can quickly reposition the stool as needed. With our barstools and quality swivel feature, you have an exceptional combination of support and maneuverability that makes your entertaining space one that you'll enjoy for years to come.

●     Custom barstools: Looking for high-quality custom barstools? Look no further than Trendler! With our vast selection of materials and options, you can create the perfect barstool for your home or business. We offer frames in both wood and metal, seats and backs in fabric and leather, and even custom etched logos.

Trendler Commercial Seating

Businesses in Omaha from restaurants and bars to schools, casinos, and government buildings trust us when they need barstools and chairs. We recognize their need for furniture that is built to last, so we choose only the highest-quality materials for our products. Furthermore, buying in bulk can be a challenge, but here we offer wholesale prices and shorter lead times, making it easier than ever to furnish businesses with the furnishings they require. Whether you are refurnishing a hotel or stocking up on classroom chairs, our chairs and barstools have got you covered.

The following are the main industries we serve with commercial seating:

●     Foodservice: Our restaurant chairs and barstools are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use. Whether you require traditional, classic, or modern styles, we have the perfect selection for your needs. For those seeking something truly unique, our customizable stools allow you to express your imagination while creating comfortable furniture that's built to last. With us, you not only get access to high quality furniture, but can also rest assured knowing that it is expertly crafted to maintain its attractive look and superior performance.

●     Banquet and conference halls: Trendler's banquet chairs are designed to make events and gatherings a success. Whether looking for oval dome, square dome, or round dome models or square back, rectangle back, and circle frames, our superior craftsmanship and quality materials guarantee an excellent product that is both durable and elegant. From their highly sturdy aluminum frames to their comfortable upholstered seats and backs, all of these chairs are sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.

●     Hotels and lounges: Our chairs and barstools are perfect for creating inviting, comfortable spaces in hotel lobbies, lounges, bars, and restaurants. With a selection of models to choose from that offer the highest level of quality and comfort, you can find the perfect chairs and barstools to give your hotel an elegant look. If you have something specific in mind, our team of designers can provide custom creations tailored to your exact needs. Our exceptional chairs and barstools will help you create unique spaces that make a lasting impression on guests and visitors alike.

●     Academia and government: Universities and government buildings have different needs when it comes to delivering comfort and style while being complementary to the look they are wanting to accomplish. At our store we offer a wide variety of commercial chairs and barstools that can stand up to the traffic expected in classrooms, waiting rooms, conference rooms, and lobbies. As an additional value-add for our customers, these chairs and barstools can be customized with custom logos etched into them - an excellent opportunity to show off school logos or other messages on wood or metal chairs. Our dependable chairs serve as the perfect foundation for universities and government buildings looking for furniture solutions.

Dependable Chairs and Barstools In Omaha & Surrounding Areas From Trendler

Contact Trendler today to see how we can help your local Omaha area business bring your seating to the next level

When it comes to finding seating options for your business in the Omaha, NE area, there's no shortage of options available to choose from with Trendler. You can browse a selection of classic or sleek and modern chairs, stools and other customizable seating solutions that match the specific look you’re aiming for. If none of their stock items are quite right for you, they also offer custom crafted options that will fit perfectly with whatever style your business needs. With such an abundance of quality products, you'll be sure to find something for every corner of your establishment.

At Trendler, we know that quality speaks for itself. Our American-made products are designed to stand the test of time, so you can rest assured knowing you've made an investment in a dependable product. We consistently strive to meet our customers' needs with short turnaround times and wholesale pricing, as well as attentive customer service when needed. If you are located in Omaha, NE or any of the surrounding areas including Waterloo, Bennington, Washington, Fort Calhoun, Crescent, Honey Creek, and Gretna, NE, there is no better source for chairs and barstools than Trendler. Our commitment to exceptional products and reliable service makes us your premier provider.