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Trendler Chairs, Barstools & Swivels in Detroit, MI

Trendler offers quality seating solutions including chairs, barstools & swivels in Detroit, MI & surrounding cities.

Trendler, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer of finished furniture products including chairs and barstools as well as furniture parts including high-quality chair and barstool swivels. We can manufacture customized chairs, barstools, and swivels for businesses and individual customers in Detroit, MI and the surrounding areas.

Trendler began business in 1932 making furniture parts and components as Trendler Metal Products. We worked with some of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the world to create the parts they used to build their products. We built our first chair swivels for one the manufacturers we worked with and went on to innovate and create hundreds of models of chair and barstool swivels over the years. Trendler became one of the largest manufacturers of swivels in the world by 1985 and we still produce the most sought-after heavy-duty swivels of the industry.

In the 1980s, Trendler began producing and providing finished furniture products original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as competition from foreign markets increased the demand for American made furniture and metal and wood furniture parts.  We offered our finished furniture products under a private label and in 2015, we launched Trendler brand products including finished wood and metal chairs and barstools for OEMs, wholesalers, businesses, and individual buyers.

All of our swivels, chairs, barstools, and other parts are American made and manufactured in our facility. Our 160,000 square foot facility consists of the most advanced equipment of the industry including stamping dies, welding fixtures, and injection molding dies that we build and maintain ourselves. Our in-house Research and Development team helps as stay ahead of the curve when it comes to products and process innovation. You can expect high-quality, American made products from Trendler that are built to last.

At Trendler, we offer a range of chair, barstool, and swivel models and we can also create customized products for OEMs, wholesalers, businesses, and individual buyers in Detroit, MI and the surrounding areas including Troy, Ann Arbor, Novi, Grosse Pointe Park, Beverly Hills, Huntington Woods, and Northville, MI. 

You can call our professionals at Trendler at (773) 284-6600 or fill out a contact form to learn more about our chairs, swivels & barstools.

Trendler Products Available in Detroit, MI & Surrounding Areas

Trendler is known for providing high-quality seating products and parts and all of our products are manufactured in our Chicago based factory. You can expect short lead times as well as dependable products when you work with our professionals. 

We offer the following products for OEMs, wholesalers, businesses, and individual buyers in the Detroit, MI area:

  • Swivels: Trendler is a leading manufacturer of swivels and has produced more than 400 different models. We produce heavy-duty swivels for chairs, barstools, and boat chairs
  • Chairs: We offer a wide variety of wood chairs, metal chairs, upholstered chairs, swivel chairs, and customer made chairs for residential and commercial use.
  • Barstools: We offer a variety of different barstool models including barstools with swivels and with and without backs. Our barstools can be customized for bars, restaurants, and homes.
  • Commercial: We can supply customized chairs and barstools for commercial businesses including foodservice businesses like bars and restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, office buildings, schools, and government agencies.
  • Furniture parts: We manufacture and offer a variety of furniture parts including seats, backs, frames, pedestals, swivels, and more.

Swivels from Trendler

Trendler offers a full lineup of quality swivels in the Detroit, MI area

Trendler is one of the top manufacturers available in Detroit of high-quality chair and barstool swivels. We have produced hundreds of different models and over 100 million units since 1962, suit a wide range of furniture applications including chairs, barstools, and boat seats. You can work with our professionals to determine which of our swivel models is best for your application or to have us create a custom swivel.

Our swivels are made from heavy-duty steel and treated with a powder coating that protects the steel from moisture and rust. The full bearing plates in our swivels allow for smooth, noiseless motion and the auto return feature moves the swivel back to its original position. Our swivels allow for 180-degree rotation with 90 degree stop and return features.

The swivels we produce are durable and can withstand harsh environments, including marine applications. Talk to one of our swivel specialists for more about our swivel options. 

Trendler Chairs

Trendler offers a large catalog of quality chairs in the Detroit, MI area

Trendler produces handmade chairs to suit a range of applications for residential and commercial settings throughout Detroit. We use high quality materials to ensure dependable performance and we offer a variety of wood finishes, metal powder coatings, and upholstery colors to create unique products for your application. We can also put a school or corporate logo onto wooden chair backs for a more personal touch.

When it comes to our chairs, we can offer the following that others cannot:

  • Large selection of chair models
  • Many chair back options including customizable chair backs
  • Wide variety of wood finishes and upholstery colors
  • Range of metal frame color finish options including beautiful chrome finish
  • Short delivery lead times

We offer the following types of chairs:

  • Wooden chairs: We offer several styles of wooden chairs with more than two dozen wood chair back styles to chose from with options for wood or upholstered seats. You can also choose from several different wood finishes including mahogany, walnut, cherry, and natural. Check out our line of wood seating, the wood cluster tops of our Americana series, and the wood chairs in our Karaoke Wood line.
  • Metal chairs: We use high-quality metal materials to make metal chairs with options for different styles of metal, wood, or upholstered seats and backs with metal frames. You can also choose from several powder coating finish options including chrome, pewter, bronze, anodized nickel, and more.
  • Upholstered chairs: Our upholstery series and Retro series consist of many styles of chairs with upholstered seats and backs. You can choose from more than 80 colors of our premier and contract vinyl upholstery and either wooden or metal frames.
  • Swivel chairs: We offer the option of one of our high-quality chair swivels on many of our chair models. Our smooth, noiseless steel swivels allow for 180-degree rotation and several of our swivels have a 90 degree stop and auto return function.
  • Custom chairs: You can work with Trendler to create custom chairs for your application and choose your options for materials, frame styles, seat and back styles, wood and metal finish options, upholstery colors, and swivel options. We can also etch custom business and school logos into wooden and metal chair backs.

Trendler Barstools

Trendler offers a variety of commercial barstools for your Detroit business such as the retro series pictured here

Trendler produces a variety of barstool models that can be used in restaurants, bars, and in residential settings throughout Detroit. We use quality materials for the dependability you expect from the Trendler brand and offer a range of options for our barstools including wood, metal, or upholstered seats, backs, and frames. For each barstool model, you can choose from our available metal finishes, wood finishes, and upholstery colors. We also offer some barstool models with our high-quality swivels.

We offer the following types of barstools:

  • Wooden barstools: We offer a wide range of backless barstool styles with wooden frames as well as barstools with wooden backs. Many of our wooden models also have an option for an upholstered seat. You can choose from wooden barstool models from our wood seating line, the Americana series, and our Karaoke Wood series. All of our wooden barstools are available in our wood finishes including natural, mahogany, wood, and cherry.
  • Metal barstools: We produce a range of metal barstools in backed and backless styles with options for wood, metal, or upholstered seats and backs. You can also choose from any of our metal powder coating finishes including our beautiful chrome, bronze, pewter, and anodized nickel.
  • Upholstered barstools: We offer upholstered barstool models in our upholstery series and retro series that include backed and backless models with metal or wood frames. You can choose from our 80 colors of vinyl upholstery for any of these barstool models.
  • Swivel barstools: Many of our barstool models have the option for our high-quality bar stool swivel. Our smooth, quiet swivels allow for 180-degree rotation with an option for a 90 degree stop and auto return function.
  • Custom barstools: You can create custom barstools with Trendler by choosing from our available options and materials. You can choose from wood or metal frames, seats, and backs, and upholstered seats and backs. We can also etch custom logos in wood and metal backs.

Industries Trendler Serves Throughout Detroit

Contact Trendler today to see how we can help your local Detroit area business bring your seating to the next level

The barstools and chairs we produce are used by businesses in several different industries in Detroit including restaurants, bars, diners, cafés, hotels, casinos, schools, government buildings, and banquet halls. Our customers trust our products because they are built from high-quality materials so they can be expected to last. We also offer wholesale pricing and short lead times for our commercial chairs and barstools.

The following are the main industries we serve:

  • Foodservice: We offer restaurant chairs and barstools that are ideal for restaurants, cafés, and bars. You can choose from any of our styles to suit the needs and aesthetic of your establishment or work with us to create custom barstools. Our dependable chairs and barstools can last in demanding restaurant settings
  • Banquet and conference halls: Trendler has a line of banquet chairs that are ideal for banquet and conference halls. We offer oval dome, square dome, round dome, circle, square back, and rectangle back models with metal or aluminum frames and upholstered seats and backs. These chairs are also stackable for easy storage between events.
  • Hotels and lounges: The chairs and barstools we offer can be used in hotel lobbies and lounges as well as hotel bars and restaurants. You can choose from any of our available chair and barstool models or work with us to create a custom product that suits the needs of your hotel.
  • Academia and government: It is important for classrooms, waiting rooms, conference rooms, and lobbies at universities and government buildings to have dependable chairs. We offer a wide variety of commercial chairs and barstools that can be used in school and government buildings. We can also add a personal touch with a custom logo etched into the backs of wood and metal chairs and barstools.

Dependable Chairs and Barstools in Detroit & Surrounding Area from Trendler

With the wide range of chairs and barstools available from Trendler, there is sure to be a model that suits the needs of your business in the Detroit, MI area. You can also work with us to create a new custom product.

When you work with Trendler, you can expect high-quality, American made products that are built to last. We will provide short lead times, wholesale pricing, and excellent customer service to ensure that you are satisfied with our products. Talk to our professionals at Trendler if you need chairs and barstools for your business in Detroit, MI or the surrounding areas including Troy, Ann Arbor, Novi, Grosse Pointe Park, Beverly Hills, Huntington Woods, and Northville, MI.

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