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Trendler offers quality seating solutions including chairs, barstools & swivels in Dallas & Forth Worth, TX & surrounding cities

Trendler, Inc. is a family-owned business specializing in crafting top-tier finished furniture products and reliable furniture components for businesses and individual buyers in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Our skilled production team specializes in crafting custom swivels for existing furniture and supplying businesses with chairs and barstools. With a strong focus on meeting your unique specifications, we are dedicated to creating high-quality furniture that offers exceptional functionality to clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding regions. With decades of experience, we prioritize efficiency and strive to provide reliable service. Each order we fulfill is a testament to our commitment to delivering dependable solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

With over 85 years of experience, Trendler has established itself as a leading global manufacturer of furniture swivels. Our journey began by partnering with top furniture makers to develop high-quality chair and barstool swivels. Since then, we have continuously evolved, honing our skills in invention and engineering. Today, we proudly stand as the industry's preferred choice for heavy-duty swivels. Since our inception in 1932, we have remained committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and providing unparalleled customer service.

Trendler has been providing OEMs with high-quality finished furniture products since the 1980s, while also making adjustments to meet the competitive demands of global markets. In 2015, we introduced our own brand of finished furniture products, providing a range of chairs and barstools to suit a range of applications. In addition to OEMs and wholesalers, our product portfolio serves the direct-to-business and individual buyer industries. Assuring flawless workmanship and long-lasting durability, Trendler continues to lead the furniture industry in producing quality, dependable products.

Trendler operates from a state-of-the-art, 160,000 square foot facility in Chicago, IL. We take immense pride in crafting stamping dies, welding fixtures, and injection molding dies—essential components for producing top-notch, domestically manufactured goods. Committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, our Research and Development team complements our unwavering dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you opt for Trendler's swivels, chairs, barstools, or other components, rest assured that you're choosing products built to last.

Our extensive selection of chairs, barstools, and swivel models showcase our unmatched craftsmanship, dependability, and eye-catching designs. We provide customized production services for OEMs and wholesalers in addition to meeting the various demands of businesses and individual buyers in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Get in contact with us to discover Trendler's array of quality furniture products.

Contact our Trendler experts by phone at (773) 284-6600 or by completing our online form for additional information about our barstools, swivels, and chairs.


When it comes to high-quality seating products and components, Trendler is renowned as the brand you can rely on. Our state-of-the-art production facility is located in Chicago, IL and we maintain the highest standards while managing costs and ensuring fast lead times. Each Trendler product is dependable and tailored to meet your specific needs. Experience the difference when you choose Trendler as your trusted source for reliable products and exceptional customer support!

We provide the following items to businesses, distributors, OEMs, and individual customers in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area:

  • Swivels: With over 400 distinct versions available, Trendler is the industry leader in swivel manufacture. For chairs of every kind, our sturdy components guarantee comfort and stability.
  • Chairs: You're guaranteed to find the ideal chair for your office or home thanks to our extensive variety. We provide customizable chair solutions catered to your needs, ranging from traditional wooden designs and contemporary metal frames to cozy upholstered options and swivel models with movement.
  • Barstools: With options for swiveling and non-swiveling as well as backs or not, our barstools fit well with any environment. Whether you're furnishing a restaurant, bar, or home, our customizable barstools offer fashionable seating options that may be customized to meet your unique requirements.
  • Commercial: Our custom chairs and barstools offer comfort and a distinctive style statement in a variety of settings, from informal dining areas to large event spaces. We offer just what your company needs, whether it's seats for a banquet hall, government buildings, schools, or office buildings.
  • Furniture parts: Trendler carries all the components needed to make sturdy and elegant furniture. We provide an extensive selection of parts, from soft seats and backs to strong frames or swivels.


Trendler offers a wide range of premium swivels in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area.

Trendler has been creating high-quality swivels for a variety of furniture applications for the past 60 years. With more than 100 million pieces manufactured and hundreds of different models, our large catalog guarantees that we can fulfill your unique needs. Whether for chairs, barstools, or maritime seats, our team of engineers is skilled at designing custom swivels that are precisely matched to your specs and project requirements. Get in contact with us as soon as possible to find out how our technology can improve your furniture.

Our swivel products combine strength, durability, and convenience. Our swivels are made of heavy-duty steel that is designed to last, and they have a unique powder coating that adds extra protection against rust and moisture. Having full bearing plates ensures smooth and noiseless movement. Features such as a 90-degree auto-return and 180-degree rotation make our swivels versatile enough to be used in any setting where positioning adjustments are needed. Our selection of swivels has a versatile design that makes movement easy and blends well with practically any setting.

Our swivels are built to last in even the most difficult conditions, such as those seen in maritime settings. For more information on our wide selection of swivels, get in touch with one of our swivel specialists today.


Trendler offers a broad selection of high-quality chairs in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area.

Trendler offers meticulously crafted, tailor-made chairs that elevate any space. Our chairs are expertly constructed using premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity for a sound investment. Choosing the perfect chair for your unique needs is effortless, thanks to our extensive range of wood treatments, metal powder coatings, and upholstery colors. For an added personal touch, our hardwood and metal chair backs can also be customized with company logos or school emblems. With Trendler's unparalleled selection of chairs, the possibilities are limitless.

You can expect the following advantages when you reach out to Trendler for our chairs:

  • Wide variety of chair models
  • A wide range of upholstery colors and wood treatments
  • Several metal frame color finishes, including gorgeous chrome finishes
  • Short lead times for prompt delivery

The chairs we provide include the following:

  • Wooden Chairs: Trendler offers a wide selection of wooden chairs with various wood treatments and styles. There's something for every taste among the more than two dozen wood chair back designs, from the traditional elegance of mahogany to the rustic charm of walnut, cherry, or natural. For enhanced comfort and beauty, several chairs have upholstered seats. Discover the ideal seating solution that complements your preferred style by browsing our selection, which includes everything from the delicate details in our Karaoke Wood Line to the clean lines of our Americana Series.
  • Metal Chairs: We obtain the best materials for long-lasting products with superb finishes for our metal chairs. Select from a variety of metals and powder-coated finishes in chrome, pewter, bronze, and anodized nickel, for chairs with wood or upholstered seats and backs.
  • Upholstered Chairs: Comfort and convenience are given top priority in our upholstery and Retro series. Choose from over 80 colors of our premier and contract vinyl, with a variety of frame options available, including oak frames for a classic style and metal frames for a modern aesthetic. These stylish seating options are perfect for residences, workplaces, or commercial areas and make an impression.
  • Chair Swivels: Trendler provides a range of chair models that feature our swivels. Our smooth steel swivel design ensures maximum comfort and movement without making any noise.
  • Custom Chairs: Trendler can custom make the ideal chair for any use. You can choose from a range of materials, frame forms, seat and back designs, upholstery colors, metal and wood finishes, and even swivel options to create your custom chair product. We can also further customize your chairs by etching the logo of your school or business into the chair backs.


Trendler offers a wide selection of barstool products, including the vintage series shown above, to businesses in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Trendler offers a wide range of barstool models for both business and residential clients in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area. By using only premium materials and state-of-the-art production techniques, we make sure that the dependability of our goods surpasses industry standards. Various adjustable elements, including metal finishes, wood finishes, upholstery colors, and swivel options, are available for our selection of barstool models. You can rely on Trendler's superb craftsmanship to bring individuality and durability with our extensive selection of barstool designs.

We provide the following types of barstools:

  • Wooden Barstools: Select from a range of styles in our wood seating lines, such as the Karaoke Wood series or Americana series, to match your décor. For enhanced luxury and comfort, many of our wood chairs come with an upholstered seat. To achieve the required look, choose from our wood finishes that include cherry, mahogany, wood, and natural.
  • Metal Barstools: Whether used for bars or kitchen counters, our metal barstools provide unmatched comfort and style. Select from options for the seat and back styles including upholstery, metal, or wood in both backed and backless versions. Anodized nickel, bronze, pewter, and chrome are among the powder coating finished we offer.
  • Upholstered Barstools: Choose from an extensive selection of barstool styles in our Classic and Upholstery series. We have models with and without backs and fashionable metal or wooden frames. To create a unique look, choose from our 80 vinyl upholstery colors.
  • Swivel Barstools: We offer several barstool models that come with our swivels. This unique function ensures a comfortable and productive sitting experience by enabling noiseless 180-degree rotation. The barstools will also return to its original position when released thanks to the incorporated 90-degree stop and auto-return mechanism.
  • Custom Barstools: Trendler provides a wide range of materials and style options for custom barstools made to fit your specific requirements and tastes. Options for seats, backs, and frames include metal and wood styles and upholstery. We can also etch a logo that is unique to your company or school onto the metal or wood backrests.


Our company specializes in providing high-quality commercial chairs and barstools for dining areas, offices, meeting rooms, and other businesses and institutions in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. We are dedicated to using premium components and construction techniques, ensuring that our chairs and barstools can withstand the demands of frequent commercial use. Recognizing the importance of exceptional customer service, we offer our valued customers competitive wholesale prices and efficient lead times.

Catering to a diverse range of sectors, including diners, hotels, casinos, schools, government buildings, banquet halls, bars, and restaurants, businesses can rely on us for all their furniture needs.

The following are the principal industries we cater to:

  • Foodservice: With our selection of restaurant chairs and barstools, you can transform your dining space and offer the perfect balance of comfort and design. With our wide selection of styles, you may discover the ideal chair or barstool to accent any room and establish a unique atmosphere. With our customization choices, you can create something truly unique for your venue, catering to individuals who are looking for something special. Our furniture is made with superior craftsmanship and durability to endure the rigors of use in restaurants.
  • Banquet and Conference Halls: Trendler provides a range of banquet chairs that are reliable and versatile, making them ideal for banquet and conference halls. Choose from a variety of styles with upholstered seats and backs that come in metal and aluminum frames. These models include oval, square, round, circle, square back, and rectangle back styles. Our conference chairs are also stackable, making the most of available storage space.
  • Hotels and Lounges: Our hotel barstools and chairs are crafted to create the perfect ambiance, offering both style and comfort to elevate any hotel setting. Each product we offer is meticulously crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Our dedicated team collaborates to create custom furniture tailored to your hotel's exact specifications, catering to those seeking unique pieces. Not only do our chairs and barstools add a touch of elegance to your restaurant, bar, lounge, or hotel lobby, but they also prioritize comfort for your valued guests.
  • Government and Academics: Durable seating is crucial in public spaces, providing both stability and comfort to every visitor. Our collection of barstools and commercial chairs is perfectly suited for official settings, government buildings, and college campuses. In addition to offering long-lasting comfort during conversations or meetings, our chairs can also be personalized. For instance, you have the option to have your company's logo engraved on the backrests of our wooden and metal chairs, giving them a distinctive touch.

Reliable Chairs and Barstools Available in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

Contact Trendler today to see how we can help your local DFW Texas area business bring your seating to the next level

Trendler provides an extensive range of chairs and barstools for any commercial or residential setting. We can help you choose the ideal model for your needs or work with you to create a custom product that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Our goal at Trendler is to provide you with high-quality, long-lasting American-made furniture products. In order to give your company long-lasting value, we offer dependable and effective services with short lead times and affordable wholesale pricing. Complete satisfaction is also guaranteed through our dedication to providing outstanding customer service. Our Trendler specialists can help you find chairs and barstools in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Contact your local Trendler representative in the Dallas & Fort Worth area today!