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Trendler Chairs, Barstools & Swivels in Columbus, OH

Trendler offers quality seating solutions including chairs, barstools & swivels in Columbus, OH & surrounding cities

Trendler, Inc. is a reliable family-owned business that offers top-rate finished furniture products and furniture parts to customers near Columbus, OH.

Our team of experts can manufacture premier chairs, barstools, and swivels that meet the individual needs of our clients. We strive to exceed their expectations with every product by using only quality materials and expert workmanship that is backed by decades of experience in the industry. If you are searching for custom-made furniture products and parts, look no further than Trendler, Inc. – we won't disappoint.

Trendler has been in business since 1932, delivering superior quality chair and barstool swivels to some of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the world. Since innovating our first chair swivels, we have developed hundreds of models with an unparalleled level of craftsmanship and durability. By 1985, Trendler had become one of the largest manufacturers of swivels in the world. Several decades on, we remain unrivaled when it comes to producing heavy-duty swivels - trusted by countless industry professionals for their reliability and performance.

In the 1980s, Trendler recognized the potential of American made furniture, and as foreign markets increased their demand for such products across the world, we decided to respond. We began producing finished furniture products that were sold under a private label, thus increasing their appeal for various OEMs. Recognizing the market potential further, our expert designers created an array of chairs and barstools from wood and metal in 2015 under Trendler brand. This visionary move has given us the opportunity to serve diverse customer groups like wholesalers, businesses, and individual buyers from around the world who are looking for quality American-made furniture parts.

Trendler has been manufacturing superior quality American made products for years. Our impressive 160,000 square foot facility consists of cutting-edge stamping dies, welding fixtures, and injection molding dies that are all built and maintained in-house with the help of our solid Research and Development team. This allows us to stay ahead of the industry when it comes to product innovation and production processes. With Trendler, you can rest assured knowing your swivels, chairs, barstools, and any other parts you need will be high-quality and made to last.

Trendler is proud to provide customers in Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas with an impressive range of top-of-the-line chairs, barstools, and swivel models. For those interested in creating a unique product or furniture collection for their business, Trendler also offers exceptional custom design solutions to OEMs, wholesalers, businesses, and individual buyers in Mount Sterling, West Jefferson, Dublin, New Albany, Westerville, and Delaware, OH. Our experienced staff takes pride in delivering aesthetically pleasing designs that are comfortable and functional with careful attention to craftsmanship and quality materials.

You can call our professionals at Trendler at (773) 284-6600 or fill out a contact form to learn more about our chairs, swivels & barstools.

Trendler Products Available in Columbus, OH & Surrounding Areas

At Trendler, we provide customers with top-notch seating solutions that you can trust, every time. What sets us apart from the crowd is our long-standing commitment to quality and great service. We make all of our products in-house at our Chicago based factory, so we’re able to keep lead times short and ensure superior quality control throughout the entire process. Reliable furniture components and parts backed by experienced experts - that's what customers can expect when they choose to work with us.

We offer the following products for OEMs, wholesalers, businesses, and individual buyers in the Columbus, OH area:

●   Swivels: Trendler is the go-to source for heavy duty swivels – with over 400 different models available, customers can easily find a product perfectly suited to their needs. From chairs and barstools to boat furniture, our quality manufacturing ensures that no detail has been overlooked in creating dependable hardware.

●   Chairs: Our expansive selection of seating solutions cater to a variety of needs, offering anything from wooden and metal chairs perfect for residential use to customized pieces designed with commercial spaces in mind. Add some swivel action into the mix, and you've got everything necessary for your ideal chair setup.

●       Barstools: Find your perfect seating solution with our remarkable selection of barstools. We have options to fit every space and style, from swivel stools for bars and restaurants to luxurious models that can add a touch of comfort to your home.

●       Commercial: Our custom chairs and barstools are the perfect addition for any commercial business. From bars and restaurants to government agencies, our products provide comfortability in dining spaces, student areas at schools or universities, private offices -- you name it. We're proud of offering a wide range of businesses competitively priced solutions that ensure maximum satisfaction.

●       Furniture parts: We provide comprehensive furniture solutions with a wide selection of components ranging from seats and backs to frames, pedestals, swivels, and more. Our products are tailored for any style or application you have in mind.

Swivels from Trendler

Trendler is proud to be one of the top swivel manufacturers in Columbus. With over 100 million units sourced and 100s of different models made since 1962, our expertise and experience are unparalleled. Our premium-quality products are suitable for applications ranging from chairs, barstools, and boat seats. If you're looking for a precise match for existing furniture, we offer custom swivel options that can be tailored to your specification. Our talented professionals are on hand to guide you through the selection process, helping you identify the right product every time. Whatever project you're working on, Trendler has the perfect swivel solution.

Our swivels are the complete package - they offer heavy duty steel construction and a powder coat finish to prevent rust and moisture damage. Not only that, but our full bearing plates also allow for noise-free operation, with 180-degree rotation and 90 degree stop-and-return features included as standard. Enjoy smooth, quiet swivel movement every time with our top-quality product!

The swivels we produce are durable and can withstand harsh environments, including marine applications.  Talk to one of our swivel specialists for more about our swivel options.

Trendler Chairs

Trendler proudly crafts high-quality chairs for both residential and commercial settings. Our Columbus workshop uses only the best materials, ensuring dependability and lasting performance in any application. We offer a wide range of wood finishes, metal powder coatings, and upholstery colors to create unique products tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, we have the capability to add personalization through the addition of school or corporate logos on wooden chair backs for an extra special touch.

When it comes to our chairs, we can offer the following that others cannot:

●   Large selection of chair models

●   Many chair back options including customizable chair backs

●   Wide variety of wood finishes and upholstery colors

●   Range of metal frame color finish options including beautiful chrome finish

●   Short delivery lead times

We offer the following types of chairs:

●       Wooden chairs: Are you looking for the perfect seating solution for a space that needs to make an impression? Our collection of wooden chairs offers just what you need. Choose from a variety of styles and more than two dozen wood chair back designs; with options for wood or upholstered seats, you can find exactly what your space requires. We also offer several different wood finishes, such as mahogany, walnut, cherry and natural. Explore the diverse range of our wooden seating choices, including the wood cluster tops of our Americana series and our Karaoke Wood line of chairs. Let us help you select the perfect chairs that match your style.

●       Metal chairs: All of our metal chairs are crafted with superior quality materials and offer an assortment of options for customization. Whether you prefer a timeless classic look or something more modern, there's sure to be a style to fit your specific vision. The powder coating finish also adds the perfect touch of luxury, available in colors such as chrome, pewter, bronze, and anodized nickel. When you choose to buy from us, we help make your interior design dreams come true.

●       Upholstered chairs: Trendler’s Retro Series offers a plethora of chairs to suit any environment from cafeterias to offices. With over 80 colors of vinyl upholstery to choose from in both premier and contract grade, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. The frames are also available in either wooden or metal versions giving you the flexibility to create the look you want.

●       Swivel chairs: We offer many of our chair models with one of our high-quality swivels, allowing a full 180-degree rotation and even a 90 degree stop and auto return function. Not only are these swivels known for extreme durability and easy installation, but they also meet all necessary noise reduction standards making them perfect for any living space.

●       Custom chairs: If you're looking for custom chairs that will truly stand out and reflect the mission of your business or school, then working with Trendler is the way to go. We offer an abundance of options when it comes to materials, frame styles, seat and back styles, wood and metal finish options, upholstery colors, and swivel options so you can design chairs that are unique to you. Plus, for an added " wow" factor, we also offer etching services for custom business and school logos directly into wooden or metal chair backs.

Trendler Barstools

Customers in the Columbus, OH area trust our barstools and chairs because they are manufactured using quality materials that guarantee longevity. Our furniture can be found in diverse business settings, from restaurants and bars to hotel lobbies and casinos. Not only do we provide these businesses with tables, barstools, and chairs that look great, but our wholesale pricing and short lead times mean cost-savings in the long run.

We offer the following types of barstools:

●       Wooden barstools: Whether you are looking for a classic, comfortable barstool, we offer a large range of styles that meet this need. With wooden frames and backs available, you can select the perfect vibe for your kitchen island or bar area. Upholstered seat cushions allow for temperature control and further customize each barstool to best suit your needs. The materials used in all of our wooden models come in a variety of finishes including natural, mahogany, wood, and cherry tones so that you can find an option that perfectly complements any decor choices.

●       Metal barstools: Our metal barstools are designed to provide stylish and comfortable seating for any space. We offer a wide range of options to suit your tastes and needs, with both backed and backless styles available in wood, metal, or upholstered seats and backs. To top it all off, you can choose from our selection of metal powder coating finishes such as chrome, bronze, pewter, and anodized nickel.

●       Upholstered barstools: Our selection of barstool models is tailored to any room. Offering both backed and backless models in either metal or wood frames, and with a wide array of our 80 vinyl upholstery colors; the upholstery and retro series provides you the opportunity to choose the finished look you desire.

●       Swivel barstools: Our barstool models are designed with your comfort in mind, featuring the best in swivel technology. Our swivel mechanism allows for a smooth 180-degree rotation, giving you the freedom to move within the space of your bar while still giving you both safety and security with our optional 90-degree stop and auto return features.

●       Custom barstools: We've developed a range of custom barstool options to suit any desired design or aesthetic. Our selection includes wood and metal frames, seats, and backs in addition to upholstered seats and backs. We even offer etching on both wood and metal backing with custom logos to complete the perfect finishing touch. 

Industries Trendler Serves Throughout Columbus

Contact Trendler today to see how we can help your local Columbus area business bring your seating to the next level

The barstools and chairs we produce are used by businesses in several different industries in Columbus including restaurants, bars, diners, cafés, hotels, casinos, schools, government buildings, and banquet halls.  Our customers trust our products because they are built from high-quality materials so they can be expected to last.  We also offer wholesale pricing and short lead times for our commercial chairs and barstools.

The following are the main industries we serve:

●       Foodservice: Trendler boasts a great selection of restaurant chairs and barstools that provide both comfort and aesthetic appeal. From our wide variety of designs and colors, you are sure to find something that fits the unique style of your establishment. Additionally, if you have something in mind that our existing selection does not offer, we can create custom barstools exclusively for your business. With us, you can trust your dining area will look great while still providing practical seating that lasts.

●       Banquet and conference halls: Trendler's line of banquet chairs are both stylish and reliable. Each model is expertly designed using high quality frames, either metal or aluminum, boasting durable upholstery and reinforced furniture joints. Whether opting for an oval dome, square dome, round dome, circle, square back, or rectangle back variation, these chairs prove to be a top choice for banquet and conference halls alike. Convenience and practicality is taken into consideration as Trendler banquet chairs are stackable - enabling efficient storage between events.

●       Hotels and lounges: When it comes to seating that is both attractive and comfortable for your hotel, you can trust our excellent selection of chairs and barstools. Our furniture is designed with both style and longevity in mind, so you can be sure it will stand up to heavy use. We offer a range of models that are suitable for hotel lobbies and lounges, as well as bars and restaurants. If you're looking for something specific to meet the unique needs of your hotel, we also provide custom solutions for any product imaginable.

●       Academia and government: Every college and government building needs reliable seating options to give visitors, students, and employees a comfortable place to sit. Luckily, our commercial chairs and barstools are designed with durability in mind. Not only are they made to last, but we can also customize their looks with a logo etched into wood or metal chairs and barstools. With our furniture solutions, you'll get the dependable seating your university or government building needs without sacrificing style. 

Dependable Chairs and Barstools in Columbus & Surrounding Area from Trendler

With the wide range of chairs and barstools available from Trendler, there is sure to be a model that suits the needs of your business in the Columbus, OH area.  You can also work with us to create a new custom product.

If you're looking for chairs and barstools that are built to last in Columbus, OH or any of the surrounding areas including Mount Sterling, West Jefferson, Dublin, New Albany, Westerville, and Delaware, OH then look no further than Trendler. Our products are made in America with only the highest quality materials so you can rest easy knowing you're getting a dependable product. Plus our lead times are short and our customer service is top-notch so you always know what to expect when you work with us. Contact Trendler today if you're looking for great chairs and barstools at amazing wholesale prices.