Since 1932, Trendler has been embracing and reshaping global manufacturing and sourcing, while providing new opportunities and services for our global customers. Trendler, Inc. strives to be one of the most successful Companies in the USA by aligning ourselves with distributors through out the world that provide the Seating Industry with world class products and services.

Current Distributors are located throughout the world in the following countries:

  • Trendler, Inc. Seating ComponentsEUROPE - Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia

  • SOUTH AMERICA - Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina

  • NORTH AMERICA - USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico

  • ASIA - Phillipines, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Vietnam

  • AFRICA - South Africa


Please review the list of areas above that you are near and feel free to contact us so we can make sure you receive all the contact information you need within your area.
Contact us for details.