Napoli Barstool

Napoli Barstool
Napoli Chair

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Item # Model Finish
145698 Napoli Chair Sandtex Black
145915 Napoli Chair Bronze
145939 Napoli Chair Clear Coat
145916 Napoli Chair Pewter
145747 Napoli Chair Silver Bullet
145887 Napoli Chair Stainless steel
156053 Napoli Barstool Sandtex Black
156050 Napoli Barstool Bronze
156051 Napoli Barstool Pewter
156052 Napoli Barstool Silver Bullet

Wood Seat Options Only - No Upholstered Seat Options Available.  Please contact us for details.

Packaging Options

  • Chairs - 2 per box
  • Barstools - 1 per box
  • Bulk pack - unfinished frames only
  • With Seat Mounted
  • All Frames Have Glides Mounted