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Kidney Back

Kidney Back
Straight Back
Solid Walker
Walker 5 Hole
1 hole
1 Hole 3 Slot
3 Slot
5 Slot
32 Hole

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Item # Model Finish
175056 Kidney Back Unfinished
175064-T Kidney Back Cherry
175066-T Kidney Back Mahogany
175065-T Kidney Back Natural
175024-T Kidney Back Walnut
175057 Straight Back Unfinished
175067-T Straight Back Cherry
175070-T Straight Back Mahogany
175069-T Straight Back Natural
175025-T Straight Back Walnut
175062 Solid Walker Unfinished
175079-T Solid Walker Cherry
175077-T Solid Walker Mahogany
175078-T Solid Walker Natural
175031-T Solid Walker Walnut
175065 Walker 5 Hole Unfinished
175053 1 hole Unfinished
175009-T 1 hole Cherry
175010-T 1 hole Mahogany
175011-T 1 hole Natural
175000-T 1 hole Walnut
175054 1 Hole 3 Slot Unfinished
175048-T 1 Hole 3 Slot Cherry
175047-T 1 Hole 3 Slot Mahogany
175049-T 1 Hole 3 Slot Natural
175004-T 1 Hole 3 Slot Walnut
175004-T 3 Slot Unfinished
175026-T 3 Slot Cherry
175027-T 3 Slot Mahogany
175028-T 3 Slot Natural
175029-T 3 Slot Walnut
175055 5 Slot Unfinished
175012-T 5 Slot Cherry
175013-T 5 Slot Mahogany
175014-T 5 Slot Natural
175005-T 5 Slot Walnut
175050 Wavy Unfinished
175015-T Wavy Cherry
175016-T Wavy Mahogany
175017-T Wavy Natural
175020-T Wavy Walnut
175060 Solid Unfinished
175074-T Solid Cherry
175076-T Solid Mahogany
175075-T Solid Natural
175002-T Solid Walnut
175088 32 Hole Unfinished
175092-T 32 Hole Cherry
175093-T 32 Hole Mahogany
175091-T 32 Hole Natural
175088-WALNUT 32 Hole Walnut
175101 BACK APPLE Unfinished
175105-T BACK APPLE Cherry
175108-T BACK APPLE Walnut
175101-T BACK APPLE Natural
175107-T BACK APPLE Recon Oak
175089 BACK HAT Unfinished
175089-T BACK HAT Black Primer
175127 BACK 12 SQUARE HOLES Unfinished
175097-T BACK 12 SQUARE HOLES Cherry
175098-T BACK 12 SQUARE HOLES Mahogany
175096-T BACK 12 SQUARE HOLES Natural
175095-T BACK 12 SQUARE HOLES Walnut
175158-T BACK STAR Unfinished
175169-T BACK STAR Cherry
175170-T BACK STAR Mahogany
175138-T BACK STAR Natural
175171-T BACK STAR Walnut
175157 Back 2 Slot Unfinished
175165-T Back 2 Slot Cherry
175166-T Back 2 Slot Mahogany
175167-T Back 2 Slot Natural
175168-T Back 2 Slot Walnut